Who is Andrew Johns?


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Andrew...rest his soul.is possibly the greatest rugby player of all time. Idiots say that he is just one player, that the game is bigger than one player or some bull like that. Others like to say that AJ is what was it? NARCISSISTIC?! WHAT THE?! The fact that ONE person's name can cause so many people to comment BEFORE and AFTER my comment simply proves just how great he really is. Others like to throw around names like Clive Churchill, Raper, blahblahblah!! As if they were in the same league as AJ.
Fair enough, they were great players but when they played in a game like the State of Origin, did people wait till the LAST SECOND JUST BEFORE KICK OFF to find out whether or not Andrew Johns would be playing before they would place their bets?? In the last Origin Johns played which NSW won, that's exactly what happened. ONE MAN decided the course of that series.
Now the other thing, that AJ can't hack losing.right, he really should learn how to lose graciously.to lose with dignity befitting a sportsman. Oh wait, this isn't TENNIS!! THIS IS FOOTBALL!! Blood, tears, pain...hullo? Of course he can't take it when he loses! That's what makes him play so hard, because he knows that his team have got what it takes to win!! Narcissistic? People don't watch footy to see their teams lose graciously, they expect their teams to kill the opposition and fight to win, so why should players be any different?

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Half-back (similar to quarterback) for Newcastle Knights. He is really really good and retired last week. There is a lot of talk at the moment about whether he is or is not the best player to have ever played.

One thing about Andrew Johns is that he has a great profile on and off the field. He doesn't seem to have done any of the crazy stuff that pro footballers seem to get caught up in. He is admired by pretty much every fan.

Another thing is that his brother who is a former player is a very popular commentater and TV personality. Andrew will most probably follow his lead into TV.

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Everything you need to know about the guy is here.


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A football player for the Newcastle Knights who has recently retired due to a neck injury. I for one am glad he has finally retired. he is one of those players that if his team is losing, takes it out on his teammates and has a big tantrum on field. The way the media are carrying on - especially on NBN (newcastle/central coast's own version of channel 9) you'd think that he'd died or something really tragic had happened.
If you don't know who he is, you're not really missing out on this narcissitic, misogynistic excuse for a football player, albeit, he was good, but so were players like Johnny Raper, Clive Churchill, even more modern ones like Brett Kenny etc - they never carried on like Johns.

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Some Guy that plays Sport

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he is a freak of nature in his time the best footballer in the world played for the Newcastle knights and was their captain who just retired due to injury

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He is a very, very talented footballer who has HUGE thighs!!

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the greatest rugby league player ever that when you think all the creativity in the game is gone, he pully something out of the hat that really makes you admire him

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a has been

sorry people but it is true remember him if you wish but frankly like a jugnaut the game is bigger than one person.

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a very talented footballer (rugby league player) who represented Australia, NSW Blues, and his club - Newcastle Knights. he is regarded as one of the best, if not the best players of all times.

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What rock have you been living under?

Andrew Johns until recently was a rugby league player for the Newcastle Knights. He was one of the best players ever and has just been forced into retirement due to a neck injury.

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you idiot...
i have nothing to say to you

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The best player of his generation

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you need to be un-Australian not to know about Andrew johns

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Andrew Johns is a former NRL player. He was the captain for the Newcastle Knights,he was also the best NRL player.

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