Can The Pies do it this year?


Why do people feel like they do about sport like (Football and Rugby) why so much passion the games?

Yes they can win and my *** can also learn how to chew gum!

Whos gonna win the FINAL!?!?!?

No. They will be making up the numbers. Not in the same class as Eagles and the rest of the top 4.

Will Essendon get the wooden spoon in the 2007 afl season?

Unfotunately for Collingwood supporters the answer is no. By saying this I mean that the chances of them winning the premiership this year is the same as Chris Judd anouncing his retirement next year.

They managed to scraped into the finals playing many games in Melbourne (18) and getting the best draw in the league. They played Hawthorn, Kangaroos, Essendon, Carlton, Port Adelaide & Adelaide (losing both times) twice. Only Adelaide finished above 11th.

Which Footy Club is best?

no but i hope they do well i still think its the year of the Crows but i hope a Vic club wins

Hey, which team are you goIng 4 in the state of origin?

Not a chance. Will be out of West Coast, Adelaide and Fremantle.

Collingwood will NEVER win a premiership while Mick Malthouse is coaching them. I actually really hope that he signs a 5 year deal at the end of this season because that will shut Collingwood up for the next 5 years.

Who's the best Australian Rules Football player of all time?

The pies are overrated, at best. I'll be happy for any of the top 4 to take it out, epecially Swans (my boys!) or Freo (they worked so hard and havent had a win).

Sorry, in short, no, the pies have got nothing.

Which NRL team has the best cheerleaders/dancing girls?

sorry, not a chance. They havent won against a top 8 team since they beat west coast in rd 16, and since then, the pies have crashed and the eagles have improved. The only real contenders this year are the eagles, freo and sydney. I would actually say that the magpies are, along with the bulldogs, least likely to win this year.

What happens if there is a draw in the AFL finals?

I will answer this question without using sentiment or one eyed jargon like some of the others. I am a Collingwood supporter and have been since 1967. Since then I have only seen one premiership in 1990 under Leigh Matthews.

This year the boys started well but form went missing especially for the key forwards of Rocca and Tarrant. West Coast did the same and were the side to beat (which Collingwood did) then they lost some form too especially losing to Richmond and Fremantle.

Adelaide where then touted as premiers and I watched them - they were superb but then the wheels fell off whith injury and illness.

Sydney have been off and on but still ended strongly. St Kilda were good in patches and poor in others as were Melbourne and the Western Bulldogs.

Fremantle had a patchy first half of the season but then have won the last 9 games. Excellant effort.

Collingwood have as much chance on their day as any side in the top eight. After all they have the highest score for their attack than any other club. Can they do it? I doubt it but then I doubted they could pull it off in 1990 as well. It takes hard work and a lot of luck to win a grand final. If the breaks go there way they will win because of the talent they do have. If not then the side that does win will really earn it this year. It will be a ripper of a finals series.

Crow or pies who will win?

Not very likely. The Magpies will make it out of the first round (the Dogs don't have a chance), but they'll face either the Swaws or the Eagles out of state in the second round and I don't see them winning in front of that hostile a crowd. Sorry, but the Pies aren't taking the flag this year.

Who's the greatest halfback of all time in rugby league? Why is he the best?

Don't think so mate!
Back to Back for the swannies!

What leather is used to make a football?

Go the mighty mighty magpies!! I think we'll do it this year!! With players like Tarkyn Lockyer, Chris Tarrant, Licuria, Rocca, Clement, Cloke et al. we cant lose! Year of the Magpie!

Is victoria the state you all love to hate,when it comes to football and why/why not ?

This is making me sick because I don't like Collingwood, but I would like to see Nathan Buckley get a premiership.
I feel so dirty for saying that!
Otherwise I'm cheering for Freo. I really hope they can do it!

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