Aussie Rugby League fans only will be able to answer this...?

I think Willy Mason is an animal. Every other week he's in the news for something despicable. Yet, the Rugby League world hold him in high esteem?? Why?? Am I just seeing him from a woman's perpsective?? I would like to know what the guys think and what the girls think.


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go hiny

Ok here is the answer for you.. much like jullian o neal and chris walker i agree with you there are to many players tainting the name of the game, willie mason for me has always been one.

Frankly these players must be forced into a tough decision next time they are offered contracts if not before, there should be a good behavior clause where the player will forfiet 25% of their yearly earnings if caught tainting the name of the league. this would be a huge deterant keeping in mind these players earn hundreds of thousand

seriously people like willie do not realise the potential consequence of their actions on the young impressionable people who idiolise them.

Now why they get away with it- easy- rep footy and playing favourites, david gallop wont risk tv rating for the sake or doing the right thing, end of day he is running a business and needs to keep in mind the bottom line not nessicarily the welfare of the fans...

anyway there is my take on things.

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Well the only reason he's held in high esteem is due to his undoubted football capabilities. If it wasn't for that, nobody would talk to him.
The problem with players such as Mason is that they're bought into the league limelight at a young age before their sense of responsibility is properly formed and they think they're god's gift to football and women. They are cosseted away from the normal forms of consequences and think they can get away with anything. Unfortunately, when the crunch comes and they do something so bad that they're kicked out of the footballing fraternity, they're left with nothing. It's the footballing hierarchy that needs to be kicked as much as Mason for allowing this type of mentality to foster.
It's not only Rugby League where this happens. All major body contact sports have similar problems.

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well that's the love for the game...

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i think he is an above par player thats makes the news a lot because he is one of the few characters left in the game that dont always just refer to cliches... however i also think if you compare how he used to speak to the media a few years ago to now, i believe that he has come a long way

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