A question about the new hands in the back rule in AFL?

Question:mark mc veigh took an absolute hanger today at the MCG but in doing so he used his hands on the back of the carlton player in front of him.

last year no probs he would and should be paid the mark-but with the new interpretations on the hands in the back rule it should clearly have been a free kick.

so my question is whats your take on this and do you think the new rule can effect one of the great aspects of our game-the high flying mark especially if the umps start enforcing it to the letter.


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It's a stupid rule, it's basically outlawing the specky mark. Also as always the umpires are doing a crap job at enforcing the new rule consistantly, I have seen so many obvious hands in the back this season with no-free given and others that barely touched the player in front and the free was given. If they are going to bring in new rules such as this one the umpires need to lift their game and enforce it properly and consistantly.

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Forky, you probally know how I feel about the umpires and the stupid rule changes, its best for me not to comment anymore. All I can say, is that these rules are killing our game.

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I think we have to be clear that it's not actually a new rule, they are just choosing to interpret the rule in the correct manner after letting it slide for about 15 years or so. Personally I actually like this change, as it means players have to be more skilful with the use of their bodies, rather than just shoving a guy down to get a clearer run at the ball.
In answer to your question though, the high mark has gone missing over the last few years, and isn't really related to this rule, we're in a time where the majority of the teams like to play "keepings off", and it's hard to take a high mark when you're chipping around, getting uncontested possessions.

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I think it should only be paid for a blatant shove. As it is now it is too open to the umpires interpretation which is leading to an extreme lack of consistency.

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i think that the rule is crap and i dont see what it is going to do apart from get the people watching footy going mental over crap free kicks. and yes it is going to stop people taking hangers unless they keep their hands up in the air the whole time but lets face it only a few people in the AFL can do that

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its such a grey area because sometimes a push in the back isnt hard and doesnt hinder a players chances of marking
but sometimes it does but the offender takes a hanger (see mark mcveigh)

these new "interpretations" are whats mucking up a once-great game
lol that and sevens commentary ;)

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