Anyone else embarassed over the Broncos loss to the Titans?


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I'd be embarassed if they played like they did in the first few rounds, but they were in the hunt all game, and in a tough struggle - just missed out.

Titans deserved the big crowd and the support for their "home" game. And who knows? Maybe it was the couple of changes in the Bronc's routine that unsettled them (ie. different dressing room, catching the bus to the ground instead of their own vehicle, crowd support AT SUNCORP for the opposition).

Footy players tend to be a superstitious bunch, so little changes in routine may have made a difference in mind set when their confidence was down late in the game...

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nooaaahhh i don't like broncos very much I'm steelers fun !!

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no i dont really care. are you in ks?

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iam dissapointed not embarrassed the titans are a good team i would have bn humiliated if it was the roosters but.hey the broncos have qld spirit and locky...we are known for diggin in when things get tough we can recover from this..

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i wouldnt be too embarrassed about the titans loss they are a good team with a smart coach.
hey how do u think i feel i go for the roosters? somebody bring me luck somehow.

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No not in the least embarassed..just p*ssed off thats all. Then again 6 broncos picked for the test next friday..cant be all that

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No sucked in to the arrogant Broncos

Freo. are not going to get any better till they get rid of their weak as water coach.?

Its been coming for awhile.Lets get rid of that bozzo Bennett

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Why would being beaten by the titans be an embarrasment..?? The Titans are in the top 8 at the moment.
Just because they are a new team doesn't mean they don't deserve to win games against the big guys.They have some top class players,i would be more embarrased if they were beaten by... say the roosters or the dragons, simply because they are.. at the moment, at the bottom of the ladder.Give the Titans the credit that they deserve.

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