A question to interstate supporters from Adelaide and W.A?

is there a real hatered and rivalry of the other side from your state like in your derby's i.e Adelaide v pt Adelaide,Eagles v Freo and , would you support that other side over a vic side or other interstate side?


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Yes its true, there is a real hatered between the 2 Adelaide teams, but mainly due to the supporters of both teams.I can not stand Port's supporters(long story). If you could see and hear what they say and do after each game, you would know what I am talking about.
I'd rather support any Victorian team other than support Port Adelaide. Its my 20yrs of experience going to local matches and AFL matches, that makes me feel like this.

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I think this will answer your question i go for two sides fremantle and whoever is versing the eagles

for one whatever team loses the othere teams fans automaticly get bragging rights it sucks like when freo lost ill be getting payed out for the next 2 weeks or so lol

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As I am a South Australian, I know that there is hatred between "SOME" Crows and Port supporters.

I do not go to many "Showdowns", but of what I have witnessed there is GOOD and BAD on both sides and unfortunately it is the MINORITY that spoil it for the MAJORITY.

The unfortunate part about the whole issue is that there is an element involved called "HUMAN BEINGS".

I believe that it basically is like this:

1) You have supporters who go to the football to hopefully see a good close game, see their side win and applaud good play, marks, goal kicking on both sides. - Approximately 60%

2) Then there is the those who go to see their side win and only acknowledge good play by their side only. - Approximately 30%

3) Finally you have those that are "ONE EYED" and they are the TROUBLE MAKERS who also become "ABUSIVE AND VIOLENT" with it. - Approximately 10%.

The WORST part about it is that the 10% who conduct themselves in that manner, "SUCK IN" quite a few of the 30% and some of the 60% into interacting with them and this is what causes the problem.

If the 90% could restrain themselves and "TOTALLY IGNORE" the "BAD ELEMENT", the problem would not exist.

Unfortunately that is where the "HUMAN BEING" comes into it, because they "CAN'T HELP THEMSELVES" to just ignore them and it is where you have a large % of reasonable supporters which could be say approximately 30% interacting with the BAD 10% (MINORITY) so you have 40% (MAJORITY) of people who attend being caught up in the whole issue which makes it bad.

Then the media talk about it and blow it up again so it ends up being 50% being involved within the whole issue.

I am a PORT POWER supporter and I am one of the 5% who DO NOT get tangled into anything and acknowledge good play etc on both side because you have to "give credit where credit is due".

Being a South Aussie, when the Crows are playing any other side in the competition, they are my team.

However, I will say this much, if it was not for Port Adelaide "going it alone" to be the first side from South Australia to want to join the AFL, the Crows consisting of the other 9 SANFL teams may not be what they are today, but that is another debatable issue.

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Yes apparently there is, as most Crows supporters (I know) wouldn't roll up to the Port Home Showdown on Sat, because they dislike the Port supporters. (But I did and really enjoyed the Showdown - even though Crows supporters were clearly outnumbered by Port supporters!)
Its getting quite serious when the attendance is down to 37,000 for a showdown.
I think they need to have some separate bays or spots for crows supporters only to entice crows supporters to come along.
Yes , personally I would support Port (and have) if they were in the finals and crows weren't..its all about SA sides for me (in preference to other states!)

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There are two types of footy supporters in SA, those that hate Port and those that wish they could stay out of prison long enough so they could see Port play.

Its historical and dates back to the SANFL days so its every bit as traditional as what Carlton and Collingwood think they have.

The suggestion that crows fans stayed away coz they were scared of port supporters is idiotic to say the least. They were more worried that their cars would get stolen.

theres a rivalry and its a little more than just friendly at times but the media have made it hysterical at times which just makes it worse coz people believe it and it all gets worse than it needs to be but I can seriously say as much as I hate port and their supporters I have never seen the behaviour at any crows or port game that matches the insanity i have seen at games involving Essendon or Collingwood supporters when I've been in melbourne. Port fans are feral but those guys in Vic are unhinged and dangerous.

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Haha these answers are funny! I had know idea it was so bad in SA. -I have to say though, I don't like Port.

Well, I am a WA gal and yes there is a massive rivalry here between Freo & WCE. There is also a lot of hatred, a lot of the old WCE supporters hate Freo and their supporters. I am a freo fan but seeing as I grew up with the eagles (b4 freo existed) and I know all there players etc I have a fondness for them but can't help but keep my fingers crossed that they lose just for my bragging rights!!
I did go for them in the GF's though because at the end of the day I am a WA supporter.

I don't know if you read about the disgusting antics supporters (of both teams) on Saturday but unfortunately you get people like that everywhere...luckily they are the monority and the rest of us just enjoy the game.

Thats my 2 cents worth anyway!

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With lots of people over here there is a massive hatred for the other side. Personally i go for West Coast, but the Dockers are my 2 nd team (if only they would toughen up)

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Hate is such a strong word...the right word, but a strong word. :P Mostly it ranges from indifference to hatred.

I'm an eagles supporter, and a lot of my friends are docker supporters so we tend to have interesting conversations during rivalry week, probably the only time I REALLY hate the dockers...the rest of the season I just get a quiet little thrill everytime they lose, and don't really care when they win.

I've supported the Eagles since I was 11 years old, so when the dockers came onto the scene it was more of a disgust thing with the dockers supporters...I could never figure out how someone could say they were an eagles supported before then and were now an ardent freo supporter (if you never followed footy before and the introduction of the dockers got you interested for whatever reason, then great!). It always seemed that the dockers supporters enjoyed needling the eagles supporters (and vis versa) which just boils up until rivalry week :)

The best part about this year is that no matter what happens, I can spend everyday until September just repeating the words..."The West Coast Eagles are the Premiers...and your teams is?"

Having said all that tho, I watch quite a few games each weekend and I won't stop watching a game just because the dockers are playing.

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I would support the opposing team as I am Port but I don't mind Crows, Eagles/ Freo but I am not from either state, my mates though who are 'real' E-girls won't go for Freo and you won't get Crows going for Port, yes they will go for a Vic. side over the opposing state side even in the GF !

There is real rivalry which the last Derby here in WA showed esp.off the pitch also and the Des-Selwood daubacle does not help relations..bring on the Eagle home derby.

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