Can you get rid of bruce mc avainey from the afl commentry ?

He is shocken and all ways has been.


Port Adelaide vs Kangaroos?

Couldnt agree with you more!
Channel 7 are crap with football, especially in the com box. All the rubbish they carry on with makes listening to the ABC 10x more exciting. The only good commentator 7 have is Dennis Cometti, who I believe is the best football commentator in the country. I feel sorry for Dennis, having to work with such mediocraty. Bruce McAvaney is only ahead of Robert Walls when it comes to commentators who need to be hit with the 'dont come monday'!

Would you like to play American Football?

dude agreed hes not good
and i dont like sevens commentary so far
much preferred nine's coverage last yr


i think you should give 'em (seven) a chance, after all its only 3 rounds in, theyre gettin their stuff together



Go back and have a look at his past record of what he has done within sports commentary for Australia.

He would have to be the MOST knowlegable person in Australia about sport.

I would say that he has forgotten more about sport than some people know.

Can I suggest that you do some research on the internet and read up about him and you may, hopefully change your mind, however, everyone is entitled to their opinion and you have given yours and I have given mine.

Has this category reached a pass?

I reckon the whole seven 7 football team should be replaced, not just Bruce. Why not liven the commentry team up a bit, put Stephen Rowe or Rex Hunt on instead...someone with a bit of passion, fun and expression in their voice! Its like watching cricket at the moment...
While I'm at it.. I question why channel 7 has not got a football panel show up and running, especially as they refer to themselves as the home of footy, but really they paid all that money for just 2 games only and because Friday nights is run so late, I don't know of many who would watch the whole telecast.they need to start the Friday game earlier. Channel 7 get your act together!

Why is it good to be a Daddy's girl, but bad to be a Momma's boy?

If you don't like his commentry, just turn down the volume or press the mute button and listen to the commentry from another source such as the radio.

Footy (australian) tips for the weekend?

As what Amanda B said, turn the volume down and listen to the radio. If you liked Ch 9 commentary listen to Tripple M they all commentate on that station.

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But he so SPECIAL.(not)

Australian Rugby League?

Bruce Mcavaney was a good football caller when HSV7 had the football rights years ago, but their broadcasts of football leave a lot to be desired you can hardly make out who the players are from the camera angles they are using and the linesman interviewers are not too good Ricky Olerenshaw should be sacked along with Tim Watson bring back GTV9

Is there a bus travelling to Melbourne from Adelaide for the Saints V Crows & where do I look online?

He's better then that idiot Gary Lyons.

What's a "Kick in the Gob" mean in normal english?

I'd rather listen to Bruce than to Channel 9's mob of egotistical, opinionated morons.

P.S. Amanda B - you can't listen to the radio commentary if the game isn't live on tv (and most of them aren't).

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football was very boring without bruce's special comments.

I for one am very glad he is back, as much as i am glad that footy is back on 7.

Why do Americans support a sport where half the league (NFL) are criminals?

No you cant get rid of Bruce McAvainey because he's special. But congratulations of your question it was special.

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