Are Manly Sea Eagles punching above their weight?

Or are they genuine heavyweight contenders in the NRL?


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Manly have been steadily improving over the last three or four years. Even without BK I thought they would make top 4 so no they are not punching above their weight.

Have a look at the players they didn't have in their side over the last few games (eg Menzies/Orford) and you see that they actually have improvement in them. Although I don't expect them to be minor premiers they have shown they have the depth and belief to win when the injuries hit.

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Hey, watch it pal - I've been a Manly supporter for over 25 years now and this is the first time in a long time I've truly been excited about my teams prospects even before the season began. Jamie Lyon is the best buy of the season and theres something special about having a player with a name so close to that of Cliffy Lyons back in the side. We crunched Canberra at Brookie, took out the Tigers in Tigertown, Roasted the Roosters and showed some steele to down the Warriors. Be careful how you talk about this seasons premiers because its time to bash the Bulldogs this weekend, don't be surprised to see Sonny-Bill crying and calling for his mummy by halftime.

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Haha...good one DPMOOD, Sonny Bill crying.somehow crying and Sonny Bill don't really gel in the same sentence seeing as how he's knocked out so many players (illegally and legally) with his infamous shoulder charge. But i hate williams and the Bulldogs are the crappiest team as well...
in answer to the question i think we can learn something from the '06 season: every team in the league has a good chance, it's unpredictable nowadays and it's too early to say otherwise regarding the Sea Eagles' chance. I reckon they do have a chance, but then again i think rabbitohs can do it as well...and the Storm...the Eels.Cowboys..etc.

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well if they dont do it, it wont be the first time they have had a good start to the season then to just lose it and go crashing down to below the top 8. but really it is to early to really be treating anyone as a premiership winning team. at least wait till after mid season then we be seeing who the real contenders are

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