Who is the greatest player to have graced the fields of the NRL.?


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Dally Messenger would have to be on the list, but it was well before there was an NRL. He was there at the birth of the game, former rugby player who is considered as the best all around exponent - hard runner, defender and could kick a goal from anywhere...in 7 Tests for Australia he scored over 130 points...when tries were still 3 points.

Then there are a couple of blokes who played in the 50's and 60's...Norm Provan, Changa Langlands, Reg Gasnier and Chook Raper. Guys from St George who individually would have helped a team to a premiership, but together strung 11 premierships BACK TO BACK including one season undefeated. This was in the age of amateurs.

In the modern era, it has been much harder for players to shine given the way the game has gone - fast moving game means that a forward has to have mobility as well as power, and you can't hide the quick kid on the wing anymore...he has to be able to tackle, catch a high ball and run into a brick wall coming out of his own 22. And it seems that unless you are a halfback or five-eighth, you can't win man of the match.

Greatest...too tough to call. In the professional era, I would have to go with Walter James LEWIS. Ability to turn a game around with a good decision, kick placement, leadership or trademark torpedo pass. Crappy trainer, but at crunch time, 9 times out of 10 if Wally was on the field, the game was still alive.

Long live the king...

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I would have to say Darren Lockyer because he is the worlds greatest player

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Clive Churchill

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that is a great question that i dont think can ever be answered correctly...names like lockyer, johns, lewis, meninga, sterling, langer, to langlands, raper, gasnier, provan, messenger, sattler there are so many but i think they are all great players...based on stats its darren lockyer and changa but if there playiong days were swapped would they still be as good?? could meninga hack it now? could johnsy give it raper? we will never know.

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in my view and in the current era it has to be andrew johns without a doubt, everyone talks about wally lewis and king wally, but if they played in the same era joey was way too fast not only physically but mentally as well. brad fitller was also a great leader when games were in the balance and had very smart attacking options. as for forwards it would be hard to go past shane webcke as the best running front rower with the best consistency ive ever seen.

I support the adelaide crows but?

NRL = Andrew Johns.

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Hands down..Andrew Johns! Rugby League suffered a great loss with the announcement of his retirement last week. He had a fantastic career and will be hard to replace.

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