Can you please tell me how to make a football banner?


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Go to an arts and crafts store, they will be known by many names, and buy the long piece of paper from above answerer. You could even get a long piece of cardboard. It would be best to inform the store assistant (person behind the counter) about the use of the board (ie want to use it as a football banner).

Failing this, you could attach smaller pieces of paper to form a larger piece. The method for attachment, sticky tape, glue, or something similar.

You may want to get some sticks to hold the banner up. You could possibly get these from a hardware or timber store. Once again, explaining what the inteded use of the sticks is (ie want to hold this paper/cardboard [a football banner] at the game).

Then you will need to make a design and put it on the board. The old way people wrote signs was to mark the design onto the board with a pencil and using this as a guide.

You can draw in the design with paint or artline type textas, or by printing it on your computer and pasting onto the board.

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Get a really long pice of paper and then paint a brown oval on it. Then put a white line over the middle of the football lengthwise with a few white stripes crossing them. Then put your favorite teams name on the rest with the word GO in the front.

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