Anyone remember any ad campaigns for State of Origin (and where can I find them now)?

Question:Does anyone remember those ads on Free-to-Air of those two blokes who were from NSW and QLD in a pub, and they kept ripping each other off so it was funny for the viewer? What other type of ads do the NRL run for State of Origin?

Actually, any advertising campaigns for State of Origin at all and tell me where I can find them, to download, or just to watch please...=)


Who won the rugby tonight? Australia or New Zealand?

Go to your local pub, I do scissors in hand and cut the advertising placades they have hanging in bar...dont get caught.make sure its a friday nite pub has a good gig on, and league is on tele live...u find there other ppl willing to give u a hand.

Sgio footy tip competition?

Try youtube.

Who do you think Sheedys favourite ''son'' is to take the reins from him ?

i dont now wat ur talin bt

plz give me 10 pts

Doesnt carlton rock!?

go google guy!! just type it in :) =)!! go manly!

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