Do past afl players no when to give up?

watching the footy show and seeing fools like sam newman, dermot and gary lyon carry on. its the same as like when my gran died i remember her as being old and frail instead of the beautiful woman she was. all i see is old men clutching to their youth (wats with the hair dermie?) instead of the great players of their time they were


Who do u think will win the nrl premiership next year ?

yea, i agree, its a sad , sad show. they all need to retire to their armchairs. but as long as some idiot is willing to pay them to embarress themselves then they will oblige.

Whoz ur fav footy player?

The AFL players give up when they are ready to give up.

Who will win out of melbourne and roosters this weekend?

No. You have seen Warwick Capper haven't you? Prime example.

Collingwood football club who is no 3?


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