Any other NZ Warriors fans here?

OMG, what a game! what a win! Hell yeah.


NAB Cup - 1st Round - February 23-25. Prediction?

No, I'm a Panthers fan, but congratulations on the opening round win. It was a great match from the Warriors perspective. They played well and have still a lot of room to improve, so things are quite positive for you guys. It's only early and it will take a few rounds to really see what form teams are in but yeah great start.

Who did Rex Hunt play for?

No.. why would there be. Have they got fans?

Sea Eagles will sort you out.

Just Kidding. Good win, The Eels suck.

Sea Eagles 2007 Premiers.

Why are the final 4 teams my most hated?

you mean this team ?
i am one of the biggest fan to this team
the best Rugby team ever

Which football code has hottest players - AFL, rugby league or rugby union? And why?


Which club should I join as a member?

YEH BABY! NZ are hott! we will win this year. lol we havent been in a final since 2003 i think.

we beat the eels! i live in eels territory and go for warriors =P

Who is the only vfl Hawks player of the 80's not to be divorced?

Raiders' fan here, but hey, there must be one or two more fans of the Warriors out there somewhere...

What's the worst thing you've ever seen a rugby league player do on the field? Was it the Hopoaate finger?

supported the eels all my life and my god im starting to get so sick of them

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