Collingwood to win tonight - waddayareckon?


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I reckon they just might after the woeful effort last week. I have been a Pies fan since 1967. It would help a great deal if the guys up forward could do something except try to wrestle their opponents all the time and be beaten or give away free kicks.

What ever happened to leading forwards? If Tarrant is getting beaten use him as a dummy forward and drag two players away from the action giving a Didak or Buckley a chance.

Malthouse leaves his players that are beaten in the position too long and the damage is done. When the other side is getting a run on the only way to stop it is man on man not chipping the ball around the back line.

If they don't start putting their act in order they will only play the first week in the finals.

And this is for the American idiot who comments on this listing. My wife is American, from California, she has taken to AFL like a hound to water and is also selecting the Pies to win tonight. All I can say to you buddy is stick to something you know about - you are showing your ignorance here.

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Nah. Pies out of puff and peaked to early.

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G'day LadyRebecca.

Thank you for the question.

The Pies certainly have something to play for in a guaranteed spot in the finals and to celebrate Nathan Buckley's record number of games as skipper.

Mind you, they had trouble in their last visit to Football Park but Adelaide are a much better team this season than Port Adelaide. Port Adelaide are out of the finals but those teams can often still cause concern as they have the incentive to claim a few scalps before the end of the season and the coach/recruiting staff for the club start making decisions on personnel for next season.

The ABC reports "The Magpies have made three changes for the game, with Chris Tarrant (shin soreness), Simon Prestigiacomo (bruised calf) and Scott Pendlebury (dropped) replaced by Sean Rusling, Rhyce Shaw and Shane Wakelin.

Port have brought in veteran Darryl Wakelin and rookie Ryan Willits to replace Michael Pettigrew and Michael Wilson, who will be sidelined for the rest of the season with injury."

Mick Malthouse seems to be feeling the pressure as he walked out of a media conference yesterday.

I would say Collingwood should win but it wouldn't surprise me if Port Adelaide put up a fight.

I have attached some sources for your reference.

By the way, Collingwood fans will be interested in the opportunity to answer this question I asked a couple of hours ago.;...


Great win by melbourne?


Why do they still have scrums in rugby league if they always go with feed?

I tipped the pies so I hope they do, good luck.

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Yes i think they just will =]
Plus redheadbro why did you come in this category if it is Australian Football not American Football ?Find a new Category or even if you dont know dont answer.AFL ROCKS =]

Simmo leader??

Redhead you are a wanker. Typical American. Oh well. GO PIES!

Can you pick your Origin Teams (both sides)?

i think redhead bro needs to take his hand out of his pants Baseball & Hockey haha
The maggies easy

I follow the blue boys enough said

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I think the Pies have a lot more to play for, and will probably win. I also think Red head toss is most likely a sad, impotent 50 year old who lives with his mum and sister ( who he also married).

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