Are american bulldogs good with children?


Any American ever played in NRL?

Well the answerer above related to but if you are talking about the animal itself on most occasions yes.

American Bulldogs are generally happy, friendly,but assertive dogs who are at ease with their families and fine with strangers as they get to know them. They are quite fond of children but sometimes do not know their own strength, so like for all dogs ,you should always supervise them when around small children. They bond strongly with their master and family but, because of strong guarding instincts and a somewhat dominant attitude, they need a firm but fair hand.

Do you think the obstruction rule is a joke?

I am not sure if there are any americans in the bulldogs team right now. All the other guys in the Bulldogs team seem to get along with kids so I can't see why an american bulldog wouldn't.

Who won the AFL Premiership in 1986?

from my experience with american bulldogs they are very nice with kids both my brothers had am. bulldogs around their kids and they were great with them. american bulldogs are great pets.

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