Brisbane or Carlton? What is your tip for the NAB cup?

My tip is Brisbane by at least 4 goals.but neither team will be in the top 4 come September, when it counts


How does footy tipping work?

oh there will be a landslide 3rd and 4th quarter to brisbane and here is why

Leigh is coaching a style this year based solely on stamina- the endurance and fitness aspects of ofseason training is the emphasis and pretty much the only empasis.

it shows look at all there other nab matches except the first in cairns and they have dominated in the later parts of the game.

carton I am sad to say have scraped through without leaving a huge impression at all.

anyway my tip
Brisbane by a good 18- 26 points..

Who is Australia's highest scoring AFL player?

Brisbane, they are my team so I will be going for them. Carlton are a one-man team, if Brendan Fevola doesn't kick 10 goals they have no chance.

Any Football Wives out there??

Brisbane , by about 2 goals. They have been outstanding in the Nab Cup with all their draft picks, unless Fevola can pull 9 goals again, which is super unlikely, but you never know.

Who do you think will win the 2007 Grand Final?

as a one eyed carlton supporter i have to say the blues,but bris has been good also but i think we can get over the top of them by 3 goals down here at telstra dome --------------i hope!

i think neither team will make the 8 in the real deal but the NAB is better than nothing.

Is Victorian football on the decline?

Carlton hahahahahahahahahahahaha

Will the West Coast Eagles win today's game?? Go The Eagles!!! Come on Aussies, wadoyareckon??

Brisbane by 10 goals I reckon.

Lions might sneak into the 8 this year, but I wouldnt bet on it.

And theres not really a huge home advantage for the Blues, there will be thousands of Fitzroy people there to cheer on the Lions.

Who sings the new NAB AFL song give me that?

GO THE BAGGERS...hope its a good game, and Fev kicks the winning supergoal to win by a point.

Is AFL getting so boring that they have to treat it like big brother and have a twist every year.?

Brisbane. With Jonathon Brown back in there's no question.

Could anyone tell mewhere i could buy a nsw city rugby league jersey online?

My Tip is a draw at the end of the 4th quarter but in the End Brisbane will win by 2 to 3 goals

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