Do you think the dockers will go well this year?


What do you think of the Rabbitohs takeover?

i think they will do well this year, they have alot of good players. tarrent should fit in nicely. but its hard to say. they need to win more away games. the eagles where in the same boat a few years back, could beat anyside at subi, then a week later a trip interstate and it was like watching a colts game.

Who gets paid more - AFL or NRL players? What's the salaries of top players?

i dont see it comming around here, but ive been wrong once ?lol

Who is the best player in the NRL?

i think it will suck just like last year.

Whos going to win the AFL grand final?

Absolutely, I think if they have a good run with injuries, they can win the flag.

What afl team has been the most successful in the last 20 years?

A chance hey they are in the comp arent they?.

Derby tickets sold out in 20 mins.?

I think they will go great with the Carr brothers through the midfield Pavalich up forward but there back line will be tested maybe they should throw Peter bell done their to do a Andrew McLeod job? my prediction 4th,5ith or 6ith in ther Premiership Table Good Luck With your Dockers

Whos is not into AFL football?

Hell yeah baby! This is our took a long time coming that's for sure!!
We have a strong team who are playing together really well. Last year was a nice taste of what's to come and I think now that we have some decent finals experience we are a mighty threat.

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