Are there any rules to australian rules football?


Which team has the best backline in rugby league?

Quick rules...

22 men to a team... 18 on the pitch and 4 interchange (subs).
No offside rule.
The pitch is basically a cricket oval and can vary in size depending on the ground (anything up to 185m long by 155m wide in the case of Subiaco Oval in WA).
6 points for kicking the ball through the big sticks (goal), 1 point for kicking between the other two (behind).
Ball must be kicked through to score a goal. If it is carried through (by either team) or hits a post on the way through only 1 point is awarded.
The ball must not be 'thrown' by hand. It has to be punched using a clenched fist or tapped (in the case of flicking it up in a tackle).
Tackles must be between the knees and shoulders.
Upon being tackled the player must release the ball.
When in posession, the ball must come into contact with the ground every 15 meters (hence the bounce).
If the ball is kicked, travels more than 15 meters and is caught by another player (marked), it is treated as a free kick would be in soccer.
Players must not be pushed in the back when contesting a mark, tripped, kicked, punched etc.
Rough conduct does not result in sending off, but will result in a possible 50 meter penalty (where the opposing team gets to kick the ball 50 meters forward) and a possible disciplinary tribunal.

Due to the nature of the game and the size of the playing field it is a highly demanding sport and is played at a fast pace. Put simply it's a hard game played by hard men (although the rugby league boys will tell you otherwise!).

If you haven't seen much of it, I reckon it's the best sport in the world and when played well it's fantastic to watch.

Go the Lions!

Who is the most over-rated player in League?

the rules are there are no rules thats the only rule

How many home and how many away games are played each year in Rugby League?

brilliant... I think the Irish are asking themselves that after the last international

What is your most memorable football match? (afl)?

Rule 1: - there are no rules

at least it looks that way

What do you look forward to most in the AFL off-season?

yes theres rules.and some of them arepussy rules,to many of them in fact.

Would Australia have won the international rules match if straughany had been in the side?

Yeah mate there are quite a few here are some examples can't push a player in the back (free kick is awarded to your opponent if you do) can't tackel a player below the waist of above the shoulders (free kick is awarded to your opponent if you do)
3.when running with the ball you must bounce the ball every 15 meters if you run to far you will be penalised for holding the ball (the opposing team will receive a free kick)
4.when kicking-the ball must travel more than 15 meters for a mark (catch) to be paid,if the ball doesn't travel more than 15 meters then it is play on and the player marking the ball can still be tackeled. can't tackel a player if he is not within 10 meters of the ball
these are just a taste of how AFL rules work

check out this site if your interested in knowing more about the rules of AFL

How can i get a better grip on a football?

obviously or else it wouldnt have the name rules in the title

Will the adelaide crows win the AFL premiership in 2007?

There are rules, too many to list. But the rules committee are killing our great game, by changing rules every year, for what reason I don't know.The game is going softer and softer, by 2009, the players will have to wear skirts.

Who thinks Webcke is the better than Lockyer?

Yes there are rules.

Can you name all the League and Union teams in Australia?

Yes. You will find them at

Can you tell me free sites in wich i can see weekly higlights of football ?

hah. course there is rules.. lol

When is the next AFL World Cup?

yes there are. of course as i was bought up on the game my interpretation of the rules might be hard to understand so u shld visit the Aussie Rules official site, the link is under the source thing...Go the Lions!

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