Can swimming improve your fitness for Rugby? How?


Who else thought the Inglis in-goal knock in tri nations final was fair after Origin 3, same thing happened?

Yes it can to a degree and is also excellent for injury recovery. It helps with Cardio and upper body strength and assists with raising the capacity of oxygen intake which can lessen lactic acid build up.. Water running also builds muscle tone in the legs as it replicates land running with less stress but more tension to work the leg muscles.

Who will be watching the State of Origin tonight? QUEENSLANDER!!?

yes, stronger legs mostly i would think..

not to mention cardio!!

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I'd imagine since water provides a lot more resistance than air, you have to work harder to move in water. When your body gets used to working harder, it's easier to move more quickly above the water

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i don't have anything to add to what they already told you... it is a great overall workout... but that's all it is...

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