Australian Rules Football.?

Question:I'm an American who has just discovered Australian Rules Football.I would like to know if there is a specific site i could go to that explains the rules of the game in depth.And is there anywhere that has an in-depth history of the game?This is absolutely the coolest sport I have ever seen and I would like to learn as much as possible about it.
Thank You.


Why are there no games on Sunday Nights in the AFL?

wikipedia for the history and rules for the teams and players

and if you want a good team to support the West coast eagles

Does anyone no who has won the anzac day afl for previous years?

Why carnt we still see the football on goood friday thay are shoing the rubgy?

It is a great game. The premier competition is the Australian Football League and that has a website at

There are links to all the club websites from the AFL site.

The other major competitions include the Victorian Football League, the South Australian National Football League and the Western Australian Football league. There are also Leagues in NSW, Tasmania, Queensland and the Northern Territory. Most of those will have their own websites.

What makes Barry Hall's such a great AFL player?

indeed u r rgiht. AFL is the coolest sport ever! just go 2 it is the official site for Aussie Rules (another name for AFL [can also call it footy]) and will give u all the info ur looking for and more!

Qld won state of origin YAYAYA!!!?

It is a cool sport, glad you`re enjoying it!

Richmond Tigers is the best should adopt them!

A Question For Manly Fans?

Don't be listening to Mikey and Richo - the Brisbane Lions is where it's at

Glad you like it - good on ya, mate!

Are The Brisbane Broncos The Best Footy Team There Is In The Telstra Premiership?

I'm an American footy fanatic as well. The Australian Football Association of North America has a good site which includes the Laws of the Game as well as many other helpful tools for new fans. You can find them at

Go Doggies...1954 & 2007!

If you where to bye a football team which one would it be and why?

G'Day mate.

Here's the sites you need to go see.

or check out some of the USfooty Clubs sites (My team)

There are plenty of teams all throughout the US that can assist you and that you can go watch. Welcome to the greatest sport mankind has ever produces!!

Why dont australian football players ever attempt to play in the nfl?

your all wrong go the mighty HAWKS!!

hawthorn hawks are the team this year watch lance "buddy" franklin- now there is a star of the future if you ever need to see one.

Also for info on the game definately go to the offical afl website it has links to all the clubs inclubing rules etc.

also on game day you can see live applet play and results etc.

hope this helps.


Are the Melbourne Storm a Rugby League joke?

Check out for a comprehensive history of the AFL.

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