Can An AFL Player With Osteitis Pubis Remain Competitive?

e.g. Jonathan Brown. Is it possible for him to have a successful career from here on?


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This can be a career threatening condition for footballers and other athletes alike. It is possible to have an ongoing career but it is likely to end earlier as it is in most cases degenerative. Young players who do too much body building and weight training before their bodies have matured are at higher risk of developing this disease.
Physio, anti inflammatory medication can assist in managing the condition in.
In Aussie Rules there is a higher risk because the pelvis is crunched so often when players come down from the high jumps etc . There are ways to work around things for someone with this condition and it usually involves a modified training schedule and less less weight training.

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its hard to say as there is no treatment for it its a matter of how he handles it and how it affects him.

It is possible to continue on with a career for athletes/ footballers with this condition, however, This inflammation leads to sclerosis and bony changes of the pubis symphysis, causing both acute and chronic groin pain. The condition can render sufferers incapable of sustained physical activity. There is no specific treatment for the condition and it can seriously affect the careers of footballers affected by it.

Management strategies involve modification of activity, physiotherapy, anti-inflammatory medication, and stretching and strengthening of the stabilising muscles. Surgical intervention, such as wedge resection of the pubis symphysis, is sometimes attempted in severe cases, but its success rate is not high, and surgery may lead to later pelvic problems.

With each case being so different u cant really predict how its going to affect them, its just a matter of wait and see. but more often than not it ends careers, its never good!

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