Does anyone know about irish football called gaa?


Weight of an NRL Football??

The ruling body for gaelic football (Irish football) is called the Gaelic Athletic Assocation (GAA). They over see the two national sports of Ireland one being Gaelic football and the other being Hurling. Gaelic football is played by two sides of 15 and play for two halves (45 min each) The purpose of the game is to score as many goals or points as possiable. A point is when the ball goes over the bar and a goal (3 points) goes under the bar.Players are picked from the best that the particular county in Ireland has to offer. The final is always played in Croke Park in Dublin (10 mins from my mothers house) usually around the third week of September. The players are professionals but only get paid expenses and play for the love of the game. Go on to you tube and you will be able to find a game

I was my 1st game today why do so many people like collingwood?

yeah ive heard of Gaelic football,and i know its similar to our Aussie rules-fast paced-but you don't have the tackling and you use a round ball.

i know that the players aren't professional and still have jobs as they don't get payed much.

i also know your Gaelic footballers play our Aussie rules boys once a year in a hybrid game made up of rules from both codes,and that our lads punched the crap out your team last year
so much so the Irish have called it quits on the whole thing-i thought the Irish were tougher than that-i guess not lol :)

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