AFL Which team will be on top this year?

Question:if you can list your top eight
hear are the teams if it helps you
-Adelaide Crows
-Brisbane Lions
-Carlton Blues
-Collingwood Magpies
-Essendon Bombers
-Framantle Dockers
-Gellong Cats
-Hawkthorn Hawks
-North Melbourne Kangaroos
-Melbourne Demons
-Port Adelaide Power
-Richmond Tigers
-St Kilda Saints
-Sydney Swans
-West Coast Eagles
-Western Bulldogs


Is Darwin ever going to get an NRL team?

West Coast
Port Adelaide
St Kilda

Australian or New Zealand!?

i'm not sure, but i hope i team from victoria wins it all.

What's your favourite Rugby League Team?

Any of the Interstate teams will finish on top, hopefully Adelaide Crows. The Victorian teams are simply not as talented and strong enough to be the best team.

What is the salary cap for AFL clubs? Is it the same for every club?

Too tought to call at the moment.

Which AFL team has the most damaging forward line?

As long as the team on the bottom has their sphincters well greased,all Australians will be quite content.

Who are going to be a premiers in the 2007 nrl?

who cares bout Aussie "sux" football play the world game which is football (soccer to u dam@$$es)

AFL (Aussie) Grand Final?

Lampard...YAWN! Go away little boy and practice your diving.

I'm going for Adelaide/West Coast or Bulldogs. Even though I'm a Brisbane supporter I'd like to see St Kilda have a bit of good luck too, as I like the way they play. Never seems to happen for them somehow!

Hi there, where can one watch the Aussie rules grand final next weekend in Paris?

west coast
st kilda

What's the reason you support your team?

Gee I think it's a bit early to call just yet but this is maybe what I consider the possible top 8;
West Coast/ Sydney Swans
Port Adelaide
Brisbane Lions
Adelaide Crows
Western Bulldogs
St Kilda..well I'd like to see then do well.

And Good Luck for the season everyone and to your teams.

@ FrankLampard8: James I totally accept Football(soccer) is your preferred sport and I don't have to remind you of my love and passion for the game. But we have other codes of footy here with long proud traditions and histories, that we love and enjoy. I would never tell you what you should like or not nor would I cuss and judge you for it. You don't have to like nor enjoy our sports but these are my fellow countrymen and women you are disrespecting and I find that extremely offensive. Please consider showing some respect for the users here that are in the right category to discuss what it is they love. Thank you.

Australian rules football is the best sport to ever exist?

crossing my fingers for the Lions. what? don't look at me like that. a girl can dream right? nehoo i reckon Geelong's a chance, West Coast will be up there, but lets all pray it's another non-Victorian grand final. I think all u Victorians are dieing a slow and painful death after having an interstate premiereship for the past three years :P

Can u find me a composer tone for Motorola C117? I need the AFL collingwood magpies theme song, Thanks!?

ok im not a Pies fan but i wont say theyre gonna win this yr

id say

west coast
st kilda

n either essendon or carlton will get the wooden spoon!

Doggies rule what do u think?

I think the Melbourne Demons look the goods this year. They have a mixture of experienced players, talented new boys and a great leader. Forward looks dangerous...Davey, Robbo,Ooze,Neeta...running mid fielders are there and the back line will just bigger and better. White has a few more good years and jamar has Brownlow all over him.
Coach is hungry and administration is on the ball.

DId VTech Won there Game against Bulldogs? Go Hokies?

Hawthorn. Big Kev my hun why did you say the Vic teams are not going to win? We have serious competition here. lol. :D

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