2007 state of origin?

im a proud new south welshman but im a little worried at all the young talent coming through for queensland and nsw dont really have any top class halves. they took care of us last year and its only gonna get worse. Any thoughts


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You have made some good points here. Another problem in NSW is the fact that players are often still selected on name and reputation rather than current form and selectors tend to stick with the tried and tested. They are hesitant to give youngsters a go unless an established player comes up with an injury. If they don't address youth development we will be in a position of many of our players ending their careers at the same time and having to blood a majorly new team rather than just a few players at a time. With that said I think we still have enough talent to be competitive with QLD. Origin is a different mentality and anything is possible when state pride is on the line. Go the Blues.

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QLD RULES!!! yep we have some great players baby!! An your hit the nail on the head there it is only going to get worse! GO THE MAROONS!!

Who won the afl premiership cup in 1969?

Go the Maroons baby! Ne1 supporting the Blues in QLD needs to be seriously punished. It should be made a chargeable offence. Woot woot QLD!

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The origin goes in cycles, NSW will dominate for a short era then now its QLD, QLD have excellent talent coming through with plenty of depth. (look at last year QLD used 25+ players for the 3 games) The depth will onlly create a better QLD team as they will lift there own games to be selected in the team. Plus the team wont be majority Broncos as the talent pool has been evened out with the Cowboy's and storm.

I must say its dark and gloomy for the NSW boys as they struggle for a decent halves combination and the forward pack should get there heads out of there own arses and realize thats QLD'ers can put them were they belong.

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3 nill white wash to the blues go u good thing stick it to em blues

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NSW will win it this year.. QLD are gunna get smashed

West Coast Eagles Vs Adelaide Crows?

I want NSW to win. If we can ensure that all of our NSW key players wont get injured, we might stand a fighting chance. By the way, shame that gasnier is out for a while. Oh well, I'm a Novacastrian. GO KNIGHTS!

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New South Wales all the way! Queensland won't win...

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