Can Brisbane Lions win the NAB Cup?


Who is considered the best NRL player in Australia of all time?

yes , They Have about a 99% chance of winning, because at there last game they weren't favourites but they won anyway. With my team out of the Nab cup, I'm going for Brisbane Lions.

Someone give me some detail about futsal rules or website to me plz?

i hope not!!!

A Question For Manly Fans?

with carlton, kangaroos and geelong making up some of the teams in the finals it doesnt show much for the nab cup. their only there cause they are trying the most, cause its probably there only chance to win sumthing for the year

Who is the best player in the afl?

yeah sure they could they are playing good attacking footy but seriously dont get to excited look at the two last years of the nab cup the winners have come last ad 10th not great postions and alot of teams dont try in the nab cup belive me it just a mickey mouse cup

With regards to aussie rules?

yes only if nth melb win tonight if they don't i think the Blues will win it again as they did a few years ago

Parramatta will win?

i am hoping they dont

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