?What NRL team do u support?

i support d ROOSTERS


Who is gonna win the afl premiership this year?


Is there any way to watch aussie rules in the US?

Newtown Jets

Give me your super hot special tip of the week for AFL?


Awitin lyrics of teng constantino?

I am a die hard penrith panthers Supporter. However, I have individual players that I support such as George Rose (Manly) Joe Williams (Souths) Preston Campbell ( Titans).

Ben cousins?


What should I do to get fit to play Aussie Rules?

Parramatta Eels all the way

Will anurag and prerana patchup?

Always have and always will be a Panther, whether we come first or last. I still follow/d the careers of our players who went elsewhere, like Fitler and Presto and now Johnny Cartwright is up at the Titans. I also have ties with Parramatta, some relo's have played there so yeah, I like to see them do well just not at Penriths expense..lol

Do guys like girls that play tackle footy?

Penrith Panthers all the way, ever since I met Greg Alexander and Brad Fitler when i was a young lad I stood by my panthers with fierce support.

now i live in Newcastle I'm probably the loudest person at the stadium when the Panthers come to play them

win, lose or draw, i'll always love my Panthers

What is the difference between rugby union and rugby leauge?


When was the last time the NZ Warriors won a grand final?

Noice, but I'm a red and blue Knights girl all the way, LoL - "Proud, Passionate, and part of the team". Might be a small and regional club, not really the best (otherwise we have a much better home ground and we would've had a lot more than 2 Premierships, but there'll be heaps more where that came from!), except in spirit, and we've got some pretty big names and a bright future.

Counting down to kickoff...Yay, this year's our 20th season!

Who are the hottest single rugby league players?

I have supported the bulldogs all my life.
Go the dogs for 2007. SBW will play the whole season and opposition players will be dodging him all year. That will give the other big hitters in the side some easy targets.

Another footy question. do you think that being in a tipping comp. spoils your enjoyment of watching th game?

I go for the broncos!!

Australian rugby team vs Indianapolis Colts or Chicago bears ?

I can only say sorry to you for your bad luck.

I'm a Sea Eagles fan.

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