Which AFL star has been suspended indefinitely?



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Ben Cousins from West Coast Eagles has been suspended indefinitely by his club for failing to attend training on Monday.

Weekly AFL Show in Melbourne?

Ben Cousins. Not sure why yet.
Press conference is about to happen.

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Ben Cousins

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Ben Cousins from West Coast Eagles, because he didn't turn up to training and I think there might be drugs and alcohol invovled as well.

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Ben Cousins

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ben cousins till he sorts out personal and professional problems... check out www.news.com.au


Ben Cousins of West Coast Eagles

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This is what has been reported by news.ninemsn

Eagles give Cousins the boot
Tuesday Mar 20 11:00 AEDT
By ninemsn staff and wires

The West Coast Eagles have confirmed Ben Cousins has been suspended indefinitely after he failed to attend training yesterday.
Club chairman Dalton Gooding told reporters he did not know why Cousins missed training.
He said the star midfielder was drug-tested yesterday, but those results would not be known for several weeks.
"Ben has very personal and private issues that he needs to go away and deal with," Gooding said.
He would not comment on what sort of issues the former Eagles captain was facing.
"We're confident that with the appropriate counselling, hopefully he will be able to come back and play football at this great club."
Gooding said it was a sad day for the club and "that without a doubt, Ben is apologetic".
In an earlier statement, the club said Cousins had failed to fulfill his commitments as a professional member of the West Coast Eagles team to such a degree that his current situation is untenable.
"When Ben has addressed his ability to commit to the required level, his situation will be reviewed."
"It is with great sadness and regret that the club has been forced to take this action against a much-loved champion who has served this club with great distinction for more than a decade."
Cousins, 28, was stripped of the West Coast captaincy last year after he fled from a police booze bus.
Four months ago, the 2005 Brownlow medallist was arrested in Melbourne for being drunk outside Crown Casino.
He was also questioned by police in May 2005 over a Perth nightclub brawl involving gangster John Kizon, who he and former teammate Michael Gardiner had socialised with.
Five days ago, Gooding warned players they would be suspended for any breach of disciplinary rules, particularly involving alcohol or drugs.

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Rudolf the red nose rain dear !

Who thinks Ben Cousins from west coast eagles is the most handsome football player ever?

ben cosins west coast eagles

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Ben cousins he didnt show up for training...but cuz is still good!

Who here supports ESSEDDON?

Ben Cousins got suspended by West Coast. It was going to happen eventually, The guy is a knob! He cant control his actions. His suspension was brought on for personal "very personal" reasons apparently. I heard that his long time girlfriend left him and he just went off the rails. He has a drug and alcohol abuse history so its no doubt that the club have given him some time off to pull his pin head in.

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