Australian rules?

who will win between fremantle and port and by how many points in the first game of the season


Umm... is the AFL mathew pavlich from the fremantle dockers, Greek or italian?

I think Fremantle by 20..oh dear I hope we haven't all jinxed them with out

Barry is back!?

Freo by 14pts

Who else thinks Ben Cousins is a total loser?

Freo by 57 points.

If chris judd and daniel kerr get season ending injuries who will win the brownlow medal?

Freo all the way baby...and I will be there to watch it.

Does the nrl taems needs cheergirls when some of the teams are not doing great like the rabbitoh last season?

Fremantle 32pts.

If you where to bye a football team which one would it be and why?

i dont now

Broncos and..?

Freo by 26 pts.

Is Gary Ablett's 1989 Grand Final match the single greatest performance of all time?

Just to be different to every other answer here, I say Port by 10.

Will Essendon get the wooden spoon in the 2007 afl season?

Fremantle by 10 goals

Who will win the afl grandfinal?

Im a west coast supporter...but id say fremantle by 37...or 69

Where can i watch aussie rules games online for free?

They will draw the game, and freo will appeal the siren had gone 5minutes before the umpire blown his whistle. freo will win the appeal but lose the game when its realised they were a goal down at the time.

What is a gloc in afl?

Freo hahahaha I hope this tip sends them bad luck and they loose lol :)

Why are Freo doing so badly? With Pavo and Tarrant?

i think freo will destroy them, im not a dockers supporter but tarrent and pavlich will be unstopable. not to mention the rest of the team, they are well drilled and will come out hard

Where is the best place/bar to watch the AFL finals in Bangkok?

Given Tredrea, Brogan and P.Burgoyne may not play (and are likely to be underdone if they do) you would imagine Frematle would win by somewhere between 6 to 7 goals (split the middle and say 39 points) as the game's in Perth. If it was in Adelaide, it may be a different story.

Australian Rules Football?

i think port will win this first match by around 13 points this is because i think freo will not start very well but will go well to the end of the season

Where can i find aussie rules shirts for sale in the uk?

Port in an upset by 8 goals

Are there any current AFL players playing since the inception of the AFL?

Port Adelaide for sure...

we're coming back stronger this year...
I don't think Freo will have their act together yet... 3 suspensions? just not good enough
there's a rift

What is the difference between a dominant tackle and a surrender tackle in rugby league?

I think I can safely say that I don't give a fat rat's clacker

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