Do you think the NRL are happy to have a melb team as long as they aren't to successful?

Question:i know melbourne storm already have one premiership,but that was just good for buisness in establishing a team down here.

but after watching last years grandfinal a couple of times it was obvious the NRL don't want to see melb too successful-the ref boardered on cheating and even listening to the ridiculously biased commentary.

storm will make the finals again this year,take note how they get treated by the refs.


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what weird sense of judgement makes you say that, you really think that the homeside would be happy always coming second or worse... you obviously know nothing about football if that is your thinking.

I think that melbourne were disadvantaged by some dodge calls yes, but who hasnt watched a big pressure game where the same thing hasnt happened melbourne were not unique in the circumstance so frankly your argument does not hold water- and if you really want to pick bones, why would a sydney based competition want brisbane to win it, wouldnt they have a dodgy ref to get them out at an earlier stage, some casing point for melbourne.

personally i barracked for the storm in that game but even so was happy at the end of the day with the result- the fact was they just didnt play well enough on the day.

surely you also want to make a point about referees- so let me address this too, how would you like to referee a high pressure game? they people do it to the best of their abilities and whilst under immense pressure. I can not fault them for the small errors in judgement they make anyway I would not like their job but commend them on their work be it good or bad keeping this in mind..

anyway good luck with advancing your argument.. cheers

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Melbourne have a lot of support in Sydney. I don't think they mind where they are added from but more so whether they can be competitive. I think Victoria are at a slight disadvantage due to being predominantly an Aussie Rules state and providing the majority of players to that code and the core players for a second competitive side would likely not be made up from Victorian players but rather from NSW,QLD and VIC combined. I think fan wise they have a stronger following as there is still the QLD, NSW rivalry between the Bronco's and NSW sides. Bronco's played the better match in the GF last year. I think they deserved it, but I was happy for Melbourne to be there also as they earned their place.

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Melbourne Storm will be a force in the NRL for many years to come, The NRL cant dictate how a team plays on the day and if they constantly blow their oppenents away then there can be no question. It wont be long before the Storm are picking up another premiership.

Is it the interstate supporters that have the inferiority complex?

yeh i agree its the same as it was for the broncos in '88' and in the AFL it happened to the swans i think its all for show and to make a few extra bucks to spend on the development of NSWRL, and ur not wrong about the ref situation either!!

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Of course they want them to be successful so they can get up the AFL. The AFL have done exactly that by helping the Swans and Lions with salary cap concessions. AFL is quickly overtaking the NRL in Qld and NSW. The NRL only wish they could have the same kind of impact in Victoria.

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