Australian rules?

has ben cousins been treated fairly with the fiasco going on at the moment.or does he deserve all he is copping


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Drugs are illegal - he knows it. When you earn alot of money particularly in the sporting arena you are idolised by kids and held up to be a role model particularly playeres who are really at the elite skill level- and he knows that.
So what sort of role model is somebody that regularly breaks the law and the rules of the organisation (the AFL) that employs him- let alone the shady dealings with undeworld figures!!
He brought this on himself and should have known better as far as I am concerned they havent done enough. There have been runours about him for years and how can the AFL let someone as visable as him keep on crossing the line... 3 times before something is done is a farce when you are in fact talking about an illegal activity. I think it should be tightened up 1 srike your are suspended for 3 months, 2 strikes out for the season, 3 and you are out of all forms of the sport for life.
Yes lerave him alone so that he can work on his problems but it is aomething that should have been taken care of many years ago!

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All I know is that he is suspended, what else happend to him?

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Well I guess someone had to do something drastic to get him to admit his problem as what ever has been done before this has clearly been ineffective. It's out in the open now and he is able to get the treatment he needs. Without it his career may have ended up unable to be saved at all.

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I dont think the media is making it any easier for him but west coast look like they are keen to get him back. like worsefold said if he gets his life back together and never plays football again that would be good (altho id prefer if he did play) i think the media have to lay off him, hes got a problem and he needs to deal with it without having to hide away too scared to walk out and have his face all over the newspaper. i think the suspension was fair enuff its been going on for ages and the issue had to be addressed sooner or later and the sooner the easier. good luck to him, cousins is heaps good...but mayb hes a natural 'bad boy' (i like bad boys...not on drugs tho).
so Good Luck Ben

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Yes, In fact he has been given too many chances IMO. When you are cast into his position like it or not you become a celebrity/Role model, and by continuing down the path he has has set a bad example for others. I respect the fact that it is a parents job to raise there children with the proper role models and explain to them that Ben is a complete DOUCHE who is wasting away his career cause he holds his liquor like an American and fights to make up for other inadequacies.

To quote a sports cliche "At the end of the day" Ben is responsible for his actions and has violated the chances he has had. In other major sports across the globe its 3 strikes and your out. I believe this should be no different

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Ben Cousins needs to take responsibility for his actions and face the consequences. Unfortunately, he is in the limelight- it is part of his job and he knows that.

However, I do think that the league needs to take proactive steps with players. Some sort of educational opportunities and/or counselling needs to be considered for players, especially those who have had limited life experience outside of football.

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he deserves all what he gets
life isn't easy but you must except responsibilities for your own actions

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If he is on drugs (of any type) he should be banned for life.

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its pretty sad when this made the news before other more important world happening news....

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I personally think that maybe they have gone a bit to far being suspended i think he should'nt miss the whole season.Doing drugs is bad and all but a whole year without playing footy for him would be horific.And now even kerr admitted he took drugs.So i think the eagles might struggle without cousins this year his one of there key players too!

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the media made to much about it, its not even an addiction, so many people use drugs these days, not just ur low life crims that give drugs a bad name. swanky business men snort coke like theres no tomorrow. get over it, stop listening to the media. ben got banned through club rules of missing a training session. thats fair enough. hes not the first player to screw up

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