After 2 rounds who do u see winning the comp?



Who will win the Rugby Union Super 14s this year and why?

This year so far there seems no clear cut favorite for me yet. My beloved Panthers killed the Bulldogs, but were woeful against Cronulla. Manly seem to be in great form. Bronco's always start slow. Newcastle have shown some metal without Joey and how about the Bunnies and the Warriors. Titans are no slouches nor are Storm. Cowboys have been great and are on top. Every one else has yet to show they can perform consistently, but hey we have only had 2 rounds and I'm sure given a few more it may be seen differently.

Who was best on field or the Pies in their loss to the Doggies?

well seeing as i'm a Bunnies supporter i'd love to say my precious Souths!!
We've won two on the trot, one more win and we equal our total winnings from last year!! That is equal to a win for me!

What is the diameter of the football?

I have to say Dragons but I know they will break my heart again.

Are there any rules in Aussie Rules?

Being a proud Panther fan, and after their almighty performance in humbling the Dogs this weekend. I would say Penrith. They have a team with a mix of experience who have done it before, and who can be worlbeaters on their day or nite. Along with an awesome supply of local juniors to call upon giving them great depth. Bring it on boys! How good is it that the Rabbits are firing, they and their supporters deserve success for simply sticking and standing thru the bad times. Id love to see them go close, and they have the team this year to worry a lot. My big smokey for the year would be the Cronulla Sharks. Look out for them.

Victorians against Interstate teams...wth? What is up with it?

I think cowboys have shown the best form so far, they will be very hard to beat.

Does any body know the lyrics to the song ONE DAY IN SEPTEMBER - By Mike Brady?

The Mighty Sea Eagles.

Can you find a football?

on form after 2 rounds I'd have to say either Cowboys or Warriors. I still hope that panthers may be up there.

Who is the best player in the NRL?

Broncos, they save their best till late in the season.

Who here thinks the Western Bulldogs will break through this year?

The two best teams after two rounds are North Queensland and Manly. They probably won't feature in the grand final, but I would like to see it. Go the Sea Eagles.

Who inveted football?


Which West Coast Eagle will win the Brownlow in 2007? Which will win the Norm Smith?

The red and blue team, Newcastle!

How many happy South Sydney fans today?

well iam a broncos fan and i would love them to get back to back premierships but they have had a shocking start!
with locky out its a big ask of the boys to come thru, but like typical QLD'ers when times are tough they get tougher...for my sake i hope so!!

but i hope the titans do silence critics...and how bout the bunnies top 8 here they come

General overview of aussierules football please?

Melbourne maybe

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