Can the tigers win another game?


Which is the Only AFL club to have never won a premiership in any of it's incarnations?

Yeah right, if that will happen... they are hopeless.

How many players were in port power 1997 team?

no.aussies are in a peak form .how can bangladesh win a match against aussies

In rugby union, what does the "breakdown" mean?

Another game? They haven't won yet in this season...

LoL, but really, sure! Heaps of teams haven't hit form yet and you can start to see it emerging now. Once the players get back into it, start playing for kicks again, they'll be real good. In all the games so far, they've been considering winning, but they need a bit more convincing to get there.

Ok, this question has been niggling at me: Who is the fastest player in the Rugby League hands down and why?

absolutely with benji in the team anything is possible , as long as its not another injury plagued year!! i think they would have taken a lot out of the game this week against the eels, i mean the potential was there they were the best team for prob 70 mins, its just a matter of putting all the pieces of the puzzle together, dont count em out!!

Wasn't it great to se the dirty dogs humiliated?

i said at the start that wests were a chance for the wooden spoon they are very overrated i went to a practise match before the season started the tigers played the roosters at Aussie stadium the tigers fielded a nealy full squad and the roosters fielded a reserve team and wests lost the game i think they will win a few at campbelltown and leichardt but they will finish way down the bottom as for Benji its all well to pose in the papers with his arms folded on his chest but until he does something worth while he will be just another nobody on way to much money

As an Aussie should I try to embrace AFL ?

What is genius answering ? Cricket ! Offcourse they can win they played a spirited local derby and held their own against Gods very own Football Team !

I played Grade for both West & Parra, and SG Ball, Juersey Flegg & Presidents Cup for either and both (but not together !) These two teams hate each other ! They use to say at West before an Eels match that "their Parramatta, nobody likes Parramatta, they dont even like themselves" Sorry proved wrong well done both clubs !

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