Did anyone care about last nights games?


How can i get essendon Vs collingwood Anzac Day video coverage on my computer?

Did Manly play?

What are the netball rules and posistions?

Well as a Panthers fan I did. I was hanging on the edge of my seat for the last 10 minutes of our match against the Bronco's last night. I couldn't believe how the final minutes panned out. But we won in the end...Yay !! Have to admit I didn't watch the game with West Tigers though.

What do you look forward to most in the AFL off-season?

I personally didn't really care, but I watched them anyway. Both went into Golden Point, which was a strange occurance, and I think especially in the Tigers vs Eels match, dragged the game on for a bit too long. Sure though, the fans must have been wild. I love close games!

Who invented Australian Rules Football?

disappointing..with both games

Who did Rex Hunt play for?

i did before they started but the eels / tigers game dragged on a bit and i fell asleep before it went into golden point!!

Ello fellow rugby league fans. who do you think is the best all-round rugby league player in the world now?

yeah coz the broncos lost **CHEERS**

Should the AFL grand final be played at night?

i watched both and was entertained so yes i did care

Ohh judDd11?


What are the main differences between Aussie Rules and American football?

No well maybe ! but really the local derby on friday was good Parra V Tigers ! well done boys !

Last night I actually watched some of that AFL stuff just to educate myself, but couldn't sit through the whole thing !

Why do some AFL teams play each other once and some twice?

Yes!And I 'm a Broncos Fan I believe that we should have won because Shaun Berrigan was given a no try when it was clearly a try!

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