Do you think their will be any upsets in any of the AFL matches this week?

I think Richmond will make a upset on Carlton and win, but not by much. Which teams do you think will get the upsets this week?


How many more chances does Chris Walker need?

Well by the time I answer this question, its a late to give a predition on upsets, but I can only predict Sunadys games.

I have feeling Essendon will beat the my beloved Crows and Carlton beat Richmond will be an upset.Bye Hun xoxoxo

Where can I watch the aussie rules football final?

na i think carlton will make an upset on richmond!
go the blue boys /:)

Who was the first captain of the rugby league kangaroos?

Well I think West Coast will overcome Sydney at home by a small margin.

I reckon the Pies will upset Kangaroos in the last quarter (I am watching it currently)

Hawthorn possibly might win against a seasoned Brisbane side

And finally in my Psychic abilities... :S I think Geelong will upset the Doggies.

And thats the weekly report from Sainter.

Whats the difference between aussie football and soccer/football?

I really really hope bulldogs win. I think they will anyway, luke darcy is back, geelongs missing one of there players. Chris grant might be playing. And so will akermanis. Go the Bullys

Chris Judd or Adam Goodes?

i thought it would be the other way around if Carlton won it would be the upset

Are the Melbourne Storm a Rugby League joke?

Jeez upsets, how many do ya want! Cant believe the Bombers just beat Crows. Port fans will be unbearable this week.

And you`re right, Carlton are TAB favourites for their match. I hope Richmond whip them by 78 points.

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