Did you see Brendon Lades big Torp yesterday?

Off 2 steps what a bomb. Port might be on the rise this year.


Where/How can i watch the NRL State Of Origin while in Canada?

Yes, was sitting right behind it. It was a powerful kick, it makes you wonder how far he would have kicked it if he'd taken a run up. However there was also a pretty fair breeze behind his back at the time, look at some of the other shots at goal to that end in the third quarter.

What do you think of the West Coast Eagles wearing the old WA state jumper for heritage round?

No I didn't see it as I was working, but I heard about thru the radio coverage. Sounds like, it was a beauty. Port is on the rise and with their young talented players, combined that with expierience, Port should do alot better than last season.

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