What has happened to ozzis rules questions? i just asked one for that category and it says there are none ?


Why don't football teams..?

There are usually always a few questions in most catergories - obviously some have more. But if there weren't any look again the next day and there should be some there.

It could possibly be a glitch and if it continues maybe talk to one of the Staff of sports1234.com s

Will the West Coast Eagles win today's game?? Go The Eagles!!! Come on Aussies, wadoyareckon??

Don't know. Was there one before?

Cheers :-)

AFL Should the Pre season cup be canned?

The correct spelling is aussie rules not ozzi rules ?

Who is your favourie AFL player?

yes sometimes it will go into another category..general football etc...no fault of yours...an answer thingie.

Where do you think current AFL players rank as all-time champions of the game?

People can't think of an Aussie Rules question to ask at the moment . Try looking later.

Who made the best ever try in Rugby?

who knows... check again... maybe it was lost in cyber space.

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