Any spare female rugby fans who want to watch the rugby 2moro?

Wondering if there were some kind hearted female rugby fans who could take me under their wing 2moro? Dying to go and watch with true rugby fans and do the customery drinking too.


Where can I buy/download copies of Sydney Swans' games?

I saw highlights on the television, of a ladies international rugby game at Twickenham, after the men's game. I was really surprised how good they were.

Under 15 footy the coach definetly has favourites my sonand acouple of the other boys are deliberatly left out

You should ask them to shave their lady beards before turning up.

Does anyone else think soccer is for?

There are loads of female rugby fans !! Just get ya butt out and u will see em all !!

Players list of the newcastle knights 1989?

I like rugby. I wouldn't play it, but I like watching all you guys colliding and hurting each other. It looks painful. American football has nothing on rugby players.

Do you think that the swans were just off game in the GF?

mate its not a dating service, but if you go down to a game or a well known rugby orientated sports bar you can pick up a few hotties...

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