Do guys like girls that play tackle footy?

i just want to know do they and why?


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Depends on the guy, some like it some don't.


i don't think it makes them like you anymore than if you don't!!

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yes of course they do...i play touch footy for a mixed team. And believe me we get respect from the guys. And its good for their competitive ego...not to say guys hate being out played by females. So yeah they do like the girls playing footy.

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ok im a guy and i play rugby so my opinion shud b the only one that counts right?? I like girls who play sport largely because it means they're fit and active and that in turns means they got great bodies. i dont not like girls who play tackle footy unless you played against me and put a good hit on me, then i'd be pissed not coz you're a girl but because it would freaking hurt! Guys who don't like girls because they play a contact sport is just crack'd (stupid).
So yeh, guys do like gurls who play tackle footy and i told you why. Sweet az?

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yh they do!

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