Andrew Johns?

Is Andrew Johns the best ever Rugby League player?


Who's the best coach in AFL? Why?

Andrew johns and Darren Lockyer play the game with surgical precision, kicking and passing etc. People say players like Langer or Lewis were better, sure they were for THEIR time but if they were in their prime and played in the game as we know it now, then hell no, they would get creamed. Johns and Lockyer however, put them in any era and they would always shine. I can't say that Johns is the best because their will always be someone better, it's a fact of life, there is always someone out there who's got just a little bit more...
Oh, but the only reason Johns can be touted as the greatest player or even considered is because of the freakish talent surrounding him: State Of Orgin level, he's got players like Gasnier, Cooper, King, Buderus, Grothe, Tahu, Minnichello. Take away the other players on the team and it's a pretty lonely place.
Johns can only do and be what he is good at because of his teammates and not JUST his own ability.

What do you think about Newcastle buying Brian Smith?

he was a great player but not as good as wally lewis, or brad fitler but comes a close third.

Lote Tuqiri stays in Union for $$$$$$$?

One of but not THE best. Changa, Wally, Churchill (I've probably missed a few) would be up there.

Who will win the first State of Origin tonight and by what margin?


Who's got the best coaching credentials in the NRL right now?

i prefer Jason Taylor but yes i guess

Who will win state of origin game 2?

yes hes prob the best although i never saw the others but 1 thing i can say is wally lewis was good but not a club level football only in state of origen and others like that

What do people like better Rugby League or AFL and what team?

in my opinion...HELL YES! its soo sad thats he has 2 retire.!

Who do you think will win the NRL title this year? The Melbourne Storm?

nope... ever is a dammed long time...

What year did the vfl commence?

Don't know about the best ever.but there went my last reason to watch the game!

Who is Dorothea Orem?

Hell no!!

What nrl team do u go for?

Comes close, but I think Wally Lewis and Allan Langer were better players.

Should the Kangaroos relocate to the Gold Coast?

Is who the best what player? What is Rugby? Play a man's game, play Aussie rules.

What drugs where the New South Wales selectors on when they picked the Rugby League team??

Only been following league for 23 years but he was the best that I have seen. He had more impact with the way he revolutionised the kicking game than what Wally Lewis achieved.

Do the Wallabies have any chance of winning the 2007 Rugby World Cup?

Joey was good, DAMN good. But the best ever? No I don't think so.
Names like Wally Lewis and Alfie have been tauted, and personally I think they rank higher than Joe, but that's a bit like comparing Mohammed Ali to Mike Tyson - apples for apples.
Look at the modern game and if you're seriously objective about it players like Thurston, Orford and Taylor had his measure most games. What it came down to then was the player's around these blokes performing or not. With an Australian Front Rower (Simpson), Australian Hooker (Buderus), Australian Centre (Gidley) and Australian Schoolboys (Snowden and Mullen), he really should have performed. The fact that the knights were so poor last season without him on the field I don't think is a sign of his greatness (which I am in no way denying him), but more the fact that the knights game was so structured around him and the way that HE played.
I have enormous admiration for Joey, he is definately ONE of the greatest players ever, but perhaps not THE greatest.



Who else thinks that the rule changes made this year are a disgrace and an insult to supporters?


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