Broncos v St Helens?

watching game this morning, How will England go in World Cup


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Yeah, don't be too quick to judge England through that game. Although they haven't been too crash hot in the past and in the recent tri-nations series, I think they have shown that it is possible for them to pull a win out of their hat, and like our own league, they're getting some quick young guys who are more than capable of beating a world class team.

I believe that Australia will win the World Cup, cuz we're just sooo awesome (lol), but there are heaps of teams out there that, if in form, will smash us. No underestimating (take the cricket) - England will be a top 8 team, to go beyond that will mean for solid coaching and dedication by the players. They need to put capable into practise.

Nee to kno all about Australian football.Summarise it. Pl answer ithin 5 mins,more than that would not be viwe

this game is not an indication of how well england will go, but i will say that they will make the final but loose to the aussies.

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remember,there are kiwi's and aussies that help to make up st helens besides brits,it was a close game ,the bronco's have yet to get over losing shane webke and i think that if he was playing the scores would be reversed,,ps the last team to go over and win the club trophy was the mighty"ROOSTERS"

Hi any1 gt any idea wat was e score for the Australian football finals yesterday?

You can't judge how England will go in the World Cup based on that one game, for starters it's still too far away to really make any predictions yet and half the St Helens team won't be playing for England in the World Cup because they are Australian and New Zealanders.

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