Collingwood Contenders For Grand Final Win?

Question:Collingwood beat richmond by 25 points and lost to eagles by 12 points in the last 2 matches.
Collinwood had these top players missing,

Ben Johnson, Ryan Lonie, Nathan Buckley, Sean Rusling, James Clement, Chris Egan, Alan Didak and Brodie Holland.

when those collingwood players return from injury you cant say collingwood wont be the team to beat!


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As a Collingwood fan, I would say that we have as much chance as getting into the Grand Final as any of the other teams. It is only the beginning of the season and anything can happen. And as for Collingwood supporters being optimistic, you can clearly say that we are very passionate and dedicated to our team!! Go Magpies!!

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I'm particularly looking forward to Bucks and Didak coming back. We will certainly have depth in the side when a few more come back on. Definitely gotta be looking at a top 4 finish. GO PIES!

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They have only beaten two spoon favourites. To say they are now the team to beat because they put up a good showing against the premiers is ridiculous. The Eagles had just played Sydney the week before and were playing the derby after. Obviously they would not be as pumped for a game against Collingwood.

A close loss to a good side doesnt show that you will be good. Essendon were up by 10 points at 3/4 time against the eagles last year and we all know how the rest of thier season went.

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I don't think so Tim!

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Considering they only have to travel outside of Victoria 3 more times this season (what a load of bullsh*t), there'd be something wrong if they couldn't make the finals. They still won't win the flag though.

Besides, maybe those star players have been holding Collingwood back.

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No way and it will be Mickeys last...

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clement and ben johnson are the only two good players

ben johnson played both
clement played against eagles

collingwood are not going to make the finals
they almost lost to richmond

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Yep. Collingwood for the Minor premiership and the Big One this year. With our superior line-up and good, solid base of juniors, the Pies are the top team this year. Freo have fallen drastically and the Crows are also struggling to win a game. Also, look out for Essendon to creep into the top eight this year.

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No way..

Perhaps they might fumble into the 8 but certainly you cant put them in the same class as the eagles of adelaide yes they have a few players missing but look at the bigger picture the history dictates the can not sustain the pressure or intensity to win the finals.

anyway may they shake the collywobbles soon.

Allright henderson for the saints against wash with colsted not 100% or burress against the eagles?

possibly may make the top 8, but only just...I honestly don't believe there are any Vic Teams which are serious GF contenders so far...but who knows in 19 rounds time!
But just remember while you may have these 8 players out, you may have another 6 out at any given time during the year. Every team need depth to cover injuries as there are always a couple injuries to be expected on average every week.

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One thing I will say about Collingwood supporters is they are very optimistic.

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Collingwood are still 2 - 3 years away yet. As for the players to come into the team, Ben Johnson, yeah good player, but how many hard-ball gets does he get? Ryan Lonie, possibly the 'softest' player in the AFL. Buckley and Clement, star players but clearly starting to show signs of the rigors of footy, Buckley will struggle to play 6-7 games this year and will be hampered by hamstring problems from now on. Holland and Didak are 'hot and cold' players, who can win a game of thier own boot but often go missing for several weeks at a time. Finally, Rusling and Egan, they're still very much unproven, how can you call them top players? They wouldnt get a game with the big sides such as West Coast, Sydney or Adelaide. Collingwood fans, sorry but you're just gonna have to wait. a long, long time, hopefully!

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go pies .we fly under the radar then we will stike but put your bets on while our odds are still high.2007year of the pie

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Sorry mate but Collingwood won't be flag contenders this year but I think they will make the finals. You clearly rate those players above a bit too highly. Some good players to come back though. I think they will struggle to kick enough goals as the season progresses.

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