Do you think des headland should be suspended?

if its true what selwood said i would beat the crap out of him there aswell so would every other sane person you dont insult someone like that


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If what he says Adam Selwood said about his daughter is true then I think he had every right to deck him. I would deck anyone that said something of that nature about my child and I'm sure pretty much every other parent feels the same way.

At this stage it's just a case of one man's word against anothers, but I do believe Selwood did say something nasty for Headland to have reacted the way he did. Far enough he did hit him and he should be suspended for that. If Selwood did say what Headland has accused him of saying he should be suspended as well. There is nothing wrong with a bit of sledging here and there but this is just taking it way to far.

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No I don't think he should get suspended at all, but a hefty fine will do. As for Selwood, he should also get a hefty fine out of this too.

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Well it is all hear say isnt it...

quite frankly on the footy field is where it should be left.

It is a little like blood lust in war, you go a little mental and go overboard with your actions, it has something to do with all that testorsterone pumping through your veins... talking footy here by the way.

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I think its irrelevant what Selwood said, but I do question why so many Freo players are getting suspended all the time? They need to change this around if they want to be serious final contenders. Surely the coach should try something different and actually focus on winning a game through skills and game plans and not through encouraging players to start dirty fights and be overly aggressive all the time. Its obvious to everyone that this is hurting the club. Its not much good if key players are always out through suspension week after week. Clean up your act Freo!

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No but I think Adam Selwood should be suspended for life if what he said is true and possibly locked up.

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Or course Des should be, and will be suspended.

It doesnt matter what anyone says on the field, you cant strike someone!

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Of course he should be suspended. It dosent matter what Selwood said to him, players should be mentally tough enough to ignore such sledging. Headland should of answered back by getting the ball and kicking a goal or two (when the fight erupted freo were kicking the ball towards him). Sledging is a part of footy, and almost anything goes so I think Des should move on and accept his ban. Sticks and stones.

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I think he should be suspended. As it has been pointed out, he should have been more disciplined, that is what professional sport is all about (being disciplined).
I find it hard to believe that is what Selwood even said to tell you the truth and I guess we will never even know because he will always deny it anyway. Having said that it must have been pretty bad whatever he said for Des to fly off the handle like that -although it doesn't take much because he is a bit of a hothead.

As you can see, I have no idea!! I am a Freo supporter too!

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Headland should be suspended. The rules are pretty simple on that one - if you whack a guy on the footy field, you will get suspended. Personally, I don't think he deserves 5 weeks for it, but I'll own up to being a biased Freo supporter on that one.

If Selwood is found to have said what he is alleged to have said (and I think that is going to be hard to prove), then he should be suspended as well, but the provocation is irrelevant to the striking charge. I don't think "but umpy, he hit me first so I had to whack him" has ever gotten a player out of a suspension, let alone "but he said disgusting things about my kid, so I had to whack him"

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no,he shouldnt be suspended,if that doosh from the eagles is talkin bout his daughter,then he should be the 1 getting susended,i saw a replay of it and it shows selwood scraping his and along des's face,then des does it back

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Des Headland will be suspended- if he isn't it will set a ridiculous precedent for future tribunal hearings. You just can't hit someone like that no matter what they said. There is an old saying in footy what happens on the field stays on the field. Some spectators may be oblivious to this but sledging is very much part of the game. Getting underneath an opponents skin is part of the game.

Selwood will get off because the AFL will be very cautious not to set this precedence and there is a lack of evidence. No one else heard what Selwood said. I played against Selwood in junior footy many years ago and the one thing I remember was he had a big mouth and had a lot to say- so to see him in this predicament is no surprise to me.

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I think he should get suspended. He striked Selwood twice and wrestled him - he can't use what Selwood said as an excuse. Selwood probably said something to him along the lines of what was said, but what Headland did was exactly what Selwood wanted (during the game) - it put him right off his game. Selwoods comments obviously had been made to the tattoo and it just happened to be his daughter.

Anyway, what if this wasn't on the footy field. No one is going to excuse a man for beating someone up because the other hurt his feelings and said something like Selwood is accused of doing. It's the same with AFL just because Selwood said something, it doesn't excuse Headland's actions. If Headland is cleared of charges, many players will do the same - whenever they are charged with striking, etc. they will say the other person sledged them, and where is the justice in that.

Headland must learn to control his temper otherwise many players will do exactly what Selwood did and win a few free kicks out of it. Freo need to get disciplined.

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yes he should be, he can't say that he did it just because of what he said, if it were in the street and in full earshot of his family and daughter then yeah belt him whatever, but on a field you have to be professional no matter how bad (if it was said) the sledge is. I'm sure that if others came forward with some of teh stuff that is said then you would have one every week that would hit someone knowing they could get off at the tribunal. Suspend headland and if proven fine selwood

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If what Selwood said is true and i hope its not Des Headland shouldn't be suspended... and insulting Des Headlands daughter has just made him shrunk to the lowest level

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yes he should be suspended for striking adam selwood.
i think that des made up all the stuff about his daughter so that he could get out of the suspension.

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I can't believe Des Hedland didn't get suspended for hitting Selwood. When he went nuts and hit Selwood twice it doesn't matter what provoked it, the charge was for striking...he STRUCK Selwood...twice!

When Des came out and said that Selwood had said something about his daughter that was tattooed on his arm, I thought to myself, I bet he's heard some sledging from Selwood and he's totally misinterpreted it. I was watching the game on the weekend and turned to a mate of mine and said something to the effect of, "who the heck is that on Des' looks like a caricature of some chick...maybe it's his missus."

When you're already fired up and someone says something to you, you'll automatically turn it into a huge insult in your mind where as someone else might just hear your run of the mill insult...for example: If Selwood (not knowing that it's a tattoo of Des' daughter) says, Whos' that chick on your arm, I think I shagged her the other night...all Des is probably hearing is, Hey Des, I shagged your daughter last night.

Either way, unless Selwood and Hedland both agree that what was said were these words, "Hey Des, I had sex with your daughter the other night" then anything else is hearsay, and easily misconstrued. I think that if Des had of turned around to Selwood after he said whatever the heck it was he said and asked, "this tattoo is of my six year old daughter, do you really want to keep talking about having sex with her?" Selwood would have shut his mouth quick smart.

But like I said (and to finally answer your question ;P) a striking charge is a striking charge, if you hit someone outside the rules of the game then you should be suspended.

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No I do not think That Des Headland Should Be Suspended.
He would not have carried on for so long for nothing

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