Chris Judd or Adam Goodes?

who is the better footballer out of these two?


Will Anthony Mundine ever return to playing rugby league?

I'm a swans fan and know how important Goodes is to our team but if you had to pick one I would honestly pick Judd. That's nothing against Goodes he is extremely versatile more so than Judd but having watched the 05 grand final three or four times no other player could have kept WC in the game except Judd. If you took him out Swans would have won by six or seven goals easy.

Goodes doesn't really do things other players can't he just does everything well. I see Judd doing things which are just unbelievable. AFL is such a fast game and he seems to play it in double speed and making it look easy.

Great to watch.

Who do u think will win the grand final and by how much?

Chris Judd is better because of his awesome marks directly in front of goal

Why dose Paul Licuria always wear an armband while playing footy games?

Definitely Chris Judd - he is also the hottest of the two. lol

Whilst both players are respectful, dangerous and future legends, Judd is more skillful with the football. He can also have a greater impact on a game. Both players get judged quite harsh because an average game is approximately 30 possessions whereas for other players that is an extremely good effort.

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Chris Judd because of his awsome kicking , marking and defence.

Who will win origin 2 in the rugby league?

Chris Judd is soo much better....his soo hoTT

Who is Andrew Johns?

i take chris judd no question,i don't know how goodes has won 2 brownlow medals-maybe he stands out in a team of consistent worker type players,i don't know.

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LOL Judd easy

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An extremely "odd" question, and why the comparison between these two ?. Goodes is 3 years older played more seasons, 73 more games, kicked more goals and has one extra Brownlow. He is also more "versatile", in that he has played brilliantly in the ruck and every other position on the ground , something I have never seen Judd do yet. Both are Victorian which means they are "better footballers" anyway, both have exceptional skills, and both are valuable assett's to their teams and both have played in two grand finals with moderate impact.

Ron alexanders football career?

chris judd, they are both champions and do things quite extrodinary on teh field but Judd just does them faster and much more smoother making it look easy

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Judd for sure

What are the rules for a scrum in rugby union?

for me its goodes... he is a solid all round footballer with great skills...

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judd is better than goodes because judd is always consistent wheres goodes is consistent but just doesnt stand out more than judd

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Chris Judd - he is a legitimate match winner, and has proven this several times. Goodes is just a very good player.

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chris his is totally the ONE!

anywaiz i'm outz so ...rock ON dudettes..!!

Which Aussie Footy Team Won This Year Grand Final?


judd 11
goodes 1

make it 12, i vote judd

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