Australian Rugby League?

Question:1. Brad Fittler: They have released a biography book on Freddy, but why haven't they released a DVD? Will there be DVD on Brad Fittler?

If someone knows information please let me know.

2. Walley Lewis vs. Clive Churchill vs. Andrew Johns vs. Brad Fittler? Who's really the greatest player to play Rugby league?
Clive Churchill and Andrew Johns and Brad Fittler have dominated in all levels of the game, but Walley Lewis has only being great in State of Origin.


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Of course your second question is impossible to answer but one argument that comes up in golf when asking the same question is "yeah but who was playing at the same time he was?" I'm not a real fan of Fittler but when he was playing there were a lot of great five-eighths eg Lockyer, Barrett, Daley (I think) so it makes him look even better because he could shine even amongst such talent.

When you look at Johns in the same way he doesn't look nearly as good, Gower, Finch, Orford, Kimmorley are good players but not exactly champions.

Also Wally played his best years for Wynnum Manly in QLD league so you probably never saw him in his prime except at ORigin.

I sound like a Fittler fan but look at the Roosters since he left. I'm not sure of everything that's going on there but he must have contributed alot more than just what he showed on the field.

Who's your pick for premiers?

Would all this be a matter of conjecture.These are all great players.For mine Andrew Johns.However you can't compare the present to the past

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not sure bout the dvd i hope there is one ...

second question is pretty much impossible to answer..u cannot compare the era's could johns hack it back then or could churchill hack it now?? lets just say they were all great in their time and be done with the comparrison shall we??

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Wally Lewis captained this country in Rugby League. When he captained this country he was playing in an inferior competition in Brisbane, not the stronger Sydney comp. This is how well respected his skills and quality of play were. Ask Peter Sterling if Wally was only great in State of Origin. Every time any team Wally played in was on the ropes, people would say "don't write them off yet, let's see what Lewis has up his sleeve". Such was the mastery he commanded of the game. His kicking game was second to none, and left Johns and Fittler in the dust.
Let's be realistic, Andrew Johns and Brad Fittler were both sooks. They could not hold their composure and ressurect a bad situation, whereas Wally could. I'm assuming you know bugger all about footy, or are basing your opinions on things you've heard, because you obviously haven't watched Wally Lewis play football.
As for the Brad Fittler DVD, with career highlights, it should be all of 10 mins long! Good Luck.



Australian Rugby League?

1. It all depends on the distributor of the DVD. Example: Andrew Johns - They released a DVD for him.

So i don't know when they will make a biography DVD for Brad Fittler. They have released a biography book on Brad Fittler though.

2. This is the hardest question in every sport field to answer. Example:

- Basketball: Is Michael Jordan the greatest ever?
- Golf: Who's greater than Tiger Woods?
- Boxing: Ali vs. Tyson?


I remember reading an article in the "Sports Illustrated Magazine" about which athlete was the greatest ever and the author said the only way to answer this question is to answer these questions:

- Players skills.
- Players stats.
- Quality of performance - The players he/she played with and how well they performed against them.

Clive Churchill: Players around his generation said he was truly great and and he once played with an broken shoulder in a Grand Final and still performed greatly. And now in Grand Finals their's a "Clive Churchill" awared to the best player in the final.

Walley Lewis: Every QLD player or person always says that his the greatest because they are biased. I've been watching Rugby League nearly all my life. I grew up watching it with my dad and my older brothers. My dad hero is Clive Churchill because he had courage and had all the skills, My dad is a QLDer he says all QLD people are going to be biased and say Walley is the best ever.

"bronkoball" Ask Peter Sterling if Wally was only great in State of Origin. Also ask Peter Sterling who is greater Walley or Johns and in an interview he said" Andrew John was the best he saw:

Andrew Johns:
- great kicking game
- strong defence
- great attcking game
- can see 2-3 plays ahead

"His kicking game was second to none, and left Johns and Fittler in the dust."

You have to be kidding to say that Walley's kicking game was the ebst. My dad even said that he can't even do a torpedo kick that goes more than 50-60 meteres. Andrew Johns and Brad Fittler both have kicked the ball from their own 10 metres and kick the ball to the opponents 10 metre line.

Go watch Walley again and tell me that his kicking game is the best.

Andrew Johns: Dally M winner: 3 times: 1998, 1999, 2002
and Golden Boot: 1999, 2002 and man of the match in State of origin: 4 times and he had nurmous amount of surgery on his knee, shoulder. Just imagine he didn't get injured all that time

What's has Wally Lewis done? Only great matches in State of origin. And "bronkoball's" do not say he only great performace was only in QLD league. I've grown up watching him play in the Wynnum-Manly side. And he sucked when playing for the Brisbane team also. That's why Wayne Bennet choice someone else to be captain for Brisbane and Australia. He has never won and awards like Player of the year.

Plus in stats: Walley vs. Bret Kenny: walley said himself that every time Kenny played in five-eigth Walley got out performed and QLD lost.

"bronkoballs" because you obviously haven't watched Wally Lewis play football. I have and my dad and i can say his performance doesn't deserve a player of the year and any awards.

What air pressure is a Aussie rules football pumped up to before a game.? thanks.?

1. Don't know, but their is a Brad Fittler book.

2. Wally Lewis is most famous for State of origin and Test matches and Andrew Johns and Brad Fittler are great in club football. Andrew Johns and Brad Fittler are great throughout the entire year playing at high level intenisty.

"Michael Hagan" - Newcastle halfback Andrew Johns is a better rugby league player than Queensland great Wally Lewis!

"I think he's the best player I've seen," Hagan, now the Knights coach, summed up when asked about Johns. "Thinking back to (Graeme) Langlands and (Bob) Fulton, they were probably the first players of that sort of calibre that you come across that were immortal or in that category.

"Wally Lewis, Peter Sterling, Brett Kenny I think were three in my era that were at their best, and Allan Langer. But I think in modern times, over a decade or so, he's (Johns) the best I've seen and probably will ever see from a coaching and playing point of view."

Asked if he rated 27-year-old Johns above Australian, Queensland and Brisbane five-eighth Lewis, Hagan replied: "Yes, on the basis of playing every week at NRL level. "I have no hesitation in saying he's gone past him.

Wally Lewis, from a State of Origin and Test level, is probably the best representative player of his time and very gifted. But I think from a week to week club point of view he played a couple of seasons with the Broncos at the back end of his career, he played club football in Brisbane that wasn't anywhere near the intensity that you are playing at this point."

Hagan said Johns, on the other hand, had played premiership level football for seven years and would continue to do so for another four years. "And all his performances are top shelf all the time," he said.

Remember since Brad Fittler joined the Sydney Rooster, they been in the grand final 3-4 times but only won once - 2002.

So the question now is what do you consider great? A player that plays great throughout the entire season and play great footy or a player that plays ok football, but plays great football in State of origin and test.

I personally think it's much more easier to play average football throught out the season and play your best in state of origin. So i think Andrew Johns and Brad Fittler are better than Wally Lewis.

Who likes footy?

Wally Lewis only played well when it suited him, same as Brad Fittler.

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