Do you think the AFL should bring back the state of origin?

Question:id love to see the state of origin make a come back its got to be better than that international rules rubbish or even replace the NAB cup with origin,either way it would be good to watch the best players each state has playing against each other maybe round robbin style.

its one of the things the NRL has done well-keeping origin and its tradition.


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i think that it should come back. and replace the other comps. the players take great pride in playing for their state. they love it. the nab cup is crap. and the international comp. is rubbish. bring it back.

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It would have been ok to watch, but I don't like the idea now. It would be unfair to players having to leave their current teams and return to their state teams. It could also pose a threat to the amount of available drafts in each state, and make it unfair, and then there will be no advantage in the no. 1 draft pick.

It could also be unfair to some teams when the West Coast Eagles have most of their team from WA, and while other teams are adjusting the Eagles will already have only like 5 changes. Then again that is good for me.

It would also lose the whole point of building young teams. Teams with a young list would have to start all over again.

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the afl is too big a business now days. why should a club allow its best players to risk injury playing in match with no benifits for the club.

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No, I agree with Mikey, why should clubs have to risk their star players for the state of origin games which really mean nothing to anyone...In the end its the Grands Final that matters to all clubs and players, and they don't want to be injured when it matters most!
If were so focused on the 'state of origin' concept why not only allow Vic Teams to recruit Vic players via zoning, SA teams - SA players and WA teams - WA players! (I guess Bris could have a slight problem though. lol..perhaps they could recruit past rugby players...)...

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Hell Yeah, but I know the clubs would not risk their players to represent their State. I do like the idea, and I always stated that the Pre Season Cup is crap, and the AFL should get rid of it and replace it with State of Origin.

Isn't this what we all want. Come on people's, think about it.

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The thing with League's origin is that the players desperately want to play in it. I remember when AFL origin was on a lot of players faked injury so they wouldn't have to play but then you saw them playing for their club the same weekend. Clearly the players aren't into it.

Perhaps one of the downsides of having such a strong national comp is that we have a constant interstate rivalry happening which makes origin kind of pointless.

I would rather watch Swans play west coast than watch NSW play WA and watching O'Loughlin play for SA would just feel weird - I wouldn't be into it at all.

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sure and i would love for them to play a series include nsw, vic, qld, wa and sa in it.. sort or like a world cup of afl but within australia... how cool would tha be...

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