Who is the strongest Freo Docker and why?


How many times does an AFL team play another team per year?

Matthew Pavlich has taken the most marks and in 2005 polled 9th in the brownlow medal count.

VLF/Alf history?

the strongest freo docker would have to be Pavlich, Sandalands or Headland but deffinatly pavlich because he averages over 3 goals a game and hes good at taking contested marks

What are Australia's chances in the next Rugby WC?

Lol, is this a trick question? the whole team is as weak as water. especially Des" cry baby" headland. he is the biggest sook going.

Video of Geelong singing team song after todays win?

Pavlich, because his skilled and from South Australian and doesn't get reported like the others.

With the AFL due to kick off next Friday who is your favorite to win the comp?

Pavlich for sure

Will Essendon win another game this year?

McManus....he`s a legend!


pavlich, his simply the best..lol

anywaiz i'm outz so ...rock ON dudettes..!!

AFL Rookies 2007?


Is it true that the ANZAC Day AFL game is not happening?

Define strong - strong as in physical strength? If so, you'd probably say Pavlich, but quality defenders (such as Darren Glass) seem to be stronger than he is. But if you're talking about being strong at the ball, it has to be either McManus or Cook, who really stand out in comaprison to the rest of the team (especially the seagulls like Crowley and Headland). A previous poster summed it up well, as a team they aren't very strong overall, physically or mentally.

Is the ARU as corrupt as Pakistan cricket ?

Pavalich is very strong great body strength

Can you pick your Origin Teams (both sides)?

headland appeared very weak
when he had a bloody cry cos some1 called his daughter a dirty name
thats bloody soft

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