Can someone please explain to me what afl is all about?

Question:my crush loves the sport and it would be great if i knew what there is to know about the sport.

and can someone tell me what sport the sydney roosters play ? thanks !


Can you get rid of bruce mc avainey from the afl commentry ?

Okay, the Sydney Roosters play Rugby League, the greatest game of all!

Secondly, if you tell your crush these bits of information that I'm about to give, you'll sound like an expert in AFL an impress him no end:

1. AFL players can't run a straight line, - that's why the field is round.

2. AFL players can't kick straight, - that's why there is an extra set of goal posts.

3. AFL player's can't kick very high, - that's why the crossbar has been removed.

4. AFL umpires are always bragging about the size of their peckers, everytime someone scores a goal.

5. AFL players can't pass a football, that's why they hit it to each other.

6. When an AFL player catches a ball everyone is so surprised, the game stops and they yell out to tell this guy called "Mark".

7. AFL players can't hang on to a ball when they run, so you'll see them drop it every five metres and catch it when it bounces back.

8. In AFL the team captain can crack onto anyone's wife.

Hope this has been of some help!!



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haha!! Bronco!! Nice one! Yep, exactly what this guy said believe it or not that is what afl is!


LOL. well done bronko. i couldnt have said it any better. sounds like a great aussie sport eh? you could also add, players run from coppers, get into off field fracas' and generally bring the game into disrepute. lolol we love it!!

Need help on afl footy tipping?

footy durrr

Can someone please explain the main differences between Rugby League and Rugby Union?

Bronk forgot to tell you the other thing about Footy the ones with the head that looks like a smash in pumpkin with a squashed nose and no neck well they play Rugby League a no brainer game.

And the good looking ones with skill play real Australian football I know which ones I like to watch and I would recommend the later.

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I'm a victorian and an afl nut but what bronco said was quality.
Love ur work!

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In response to the bronco answer

1a. Rugby players play on a little girls size field!

2a. Rugby players have to put there kicks on a tee cause they are to uncoordinated to run and kick at the same time.

3a. Rugby Players can kick 10 feet in the air, ohhhhhh wowwww!

4a Rugby Players hump the ground and slide like schoolgirls in the grass when they score.

5a. Rugby Players can't throw the ball forward, they always regress not progress.

6a.Rugby players made up an excuse to get to hug and feel each other up; commonly known as a scrum.

7a. Rugby players can't run more then 5-10 meters period, if they do the turn around and pass it to someone else.

8. In Rugby the team #$%^&*&^% anyone's wife.

Now for your real answer:

AFL (Australian Rules Football) is the purest ball sport known to man. It is a combination of many sports but mostly resembles basketball, volleyball, rugby, American football, and soccer, even though it predates every single one of the aforementioned sports.

Although it is Called Australian rules, there are rules to the game. Not to forget that the game is played outside of Australia as well, with leagues all over the world including in USA, Africa, and all over Europe, it is a very popular and exciting sport.

The game is played on an oval or a "cricket pitch" which varies but usually is about 165M X 135M roughly 2-3 times the size of a rugby or American football field in square footage and over 2X the distances. It is played without pads, without time outs, and without off sides; This keeps the game moving at an incredible pace. there are four quarters of 20:00 in length with add on time at the end. It's not uncommon for a AFL player to run 10-20KM a match. There are 18 players a side usually set up in 6 lines of 3. You may not throw the ball but you may pass it similar to a volleyball style of pass. The goal posts at the ends are 6M apart and outside of those are two others called the behinds. A goal is worth 6 points and a behind is worth 1 point. End scores are similar to basketball scores usually ranging from the 50's up into the hundreds with obvious exceptions.

What really pisses off the rugby boys is the growing popularity and contract size of the sport. It is growing fast and the money in the contracts is there to prove it. In fact Sydney which is referred to as a Rugby town has one of the most profitable AFL teams in the league there.

I have played rugby at the collegiate level here in the states, and currently play footy in the states, most people, parents, kids, enjoy footy a lot more then rugby, myself included.

Go Sydney Swans, and Go Canberra Raiders

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Good to see the NRL boys only having negative things to say about Aussie rules. It's the NSW and Queensland chip on their shoulder problem rising up again. You won't hear Victorians bagging NRL because we don't give a S##T
When was the last time an NRL game had 90 000 people turn up for a home and away game. I would suggest NEVER.

Is Sydney going to get a second AFL team?

There is nothing worth knowing about AFL (aussie rules) cause its a dumb game. Best find a new "Crush" me thinks!!

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