Does the AFL need to give harsher penalty's to clubs that fail to pull their players into line?

e.g fine the clubs in premiership points rather than money,i think this would hurt a lot more,and make the clubs take a tougher stance against players who continually muck up out in the public.


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I think it is a great idea to fine premiership points as it will certainly get their attention but it just doesn't seem fair.

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Most certainly.. but definitely not fined in premiership points.

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players are paid too much money and some have too much time on their hands in between training. the team who have the most trouble makers should fine the players and also fine the club dont take points away as this takes away the good play from the ones who tow the line

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No, definitely not take points away. If they did this, say for continually brawling in clubs, then opposition fans would be always baiting a player when they see him so their club can climb the ladder. This sounds crazy but I'm sure it would happen - I think something like this happened over in ENgland when they were being threatened with expulsion from Europe, I was a bit young at the time so can't quite remember but anyway I think people would do this.

It depends on how they muck up. Teams have a very tough stance on players who miss training yet turn a blind eye to criminal behaviour. What the AFL considers bad is not in line with what each team thinks is bad, they both use a different measuring stick, maybe this has to be addressed.

Fining a person $2000 when they earn $500000 is like fining me $150. It's not much especially considering the magnitude of some of the player's behaviour. Maybe make the fine a percentage rather than a set amount or since one of the problems is players having too much time make them do some kind of worthwhile community service in a city other than their own.

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yes great idea...nothing like good peer pressure to movitate players to conform...

Reducing the Clubs Premiership points would have immediate impact, you would only need to do it to one club and every player and club official would be extra cautious! I guarantee it wouldn't be a problem after this!!

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Come on, do you honestly trust the AFL to make the right decisions on these things - they can't even get any form of consistency in their tribunal system!! However, this is where the answer lies, the only way to get through to the players is to deny them their livelihood, and suspend them from playing if they do foolish things in public. Hopefully the loss of income, as well as the loss of playing, will scare them straight. (Unfortunately, coaches like Malthouse aren't willing to take, or make, this hard line)

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