Another footy question. do you think that being in a tipping comp. spoils your enjoyment of watching th game?

some games i have picked the team i think will win, but, i like the other team better and want them to win, so i am in 2 minds when watching the


Football afl?

no if anything it hightens it, becuase you support differing teams depending on who you tipped- well at least the serious tippers do- you get to learn more about the young and under rated players in the other teams not just being one eyed about the team you support as being the best.

Anyway there are my thoughts.

besides how good is the footy this year. awesome... thanks nrl...

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only if i dont get my tips right

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Not for me. It makes me more interested in watching a game when I don't actually go for either side

Footy Tipping?

Depends how seriously you take your tipping. I once had too much money riding on my team and I really didn't enjoy it - it was torture. Because I have already had a look at the pros and cons of each game, when I watch it I can better understand how right or wrong I was which makes it more interesting and it's fun when you get it right because you can say "I knew that was going to happen".

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i dont know about tipping but it definately does with virtual nrl... i picked my side on try scoring potential and there mostly queenslanders (inglis, hunt, hodges), its hurts my nsw pride to see them score on the weekend but at the same time i need them to perfrom so i can win my virtual games

Wat do u think of footy?

I know exactly what you are talking about. It depends how seriously you take the tipping comp.

I am not a supporter of Port Adelaide, matter of fact I can't stand them. I do tip Port to win, when I think they are going to win. But when the game is on, I always hope the other team wins, if it means I lose 1 tip, so be it.

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Mostly it creates interest in games you would otherwise have no interest in. Its actually good for the sport. I will always tip Sydney and Adelaide to win every week out of idiocy, however some people can take it to far with there tipping and others keep it casual. I've found for me instead of watching 1-2 matches a week i watch 5-7. So as far as the networks are concerned they love the fact that I tip.

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