Ben cousins?

why do people think Ben Cousins is loser, so he took drugs, he is paying for it. at least he has got guts to face it, not like other people out there taking drugs or other afl players got to sweep it under the carpet. so keep your comments to youreslf.


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He's not a loser he's a brownlow medalist not a loser. A champion not a loser. You are completely right. Although i was told he was dobbed in.

Anyway at least he has now gone to the US away from the media watching his every move. He's not the only person on the world taking drugs. He was a star in his teens and had so much pressure on him, who would blame him? (apart from all you people out there judging him) I mean no one has the right to judge him, unless they know him personally. Lay off him

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He is not a loser. He's very good looking and i feel sorry that he has been through all of this lately.

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In my opinion Ben Cousins is a loser!
AFL players are in the public eye and a lot of little kids playing in underage football aspire to be like their heroes just like Ben and all the other players. People like this arent setting a very good example for their fans, especially the younger ones

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The answer you are seeking is that he is not a loser that has yet to be proven . There are a lot of lost people out there who are on drugs and they are not getting the chance to rehab as this footballer has so dont you go off telling people not to comment on a person who has so much going for him. I hope my kids dont meet roll models like him

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well its an interesting question bro look at it like this the media is focusing on the negatives not the positives of football they are even going after ian thorpe now i know ben admitted to it but it doesnt change the way he plays does it he plays awsome football and its not due to drugs when he does his been tested like 16-18 times in last season and this tested negative every time its to do with his emotional problems at home and the fact because his a good player his in the lime light all the time answer is TOO MUCH PRESSURE BRO..

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let me guess you are female...

Because he is a loser. I particularly thought so when he ran from the police, leaving his g/f in the car lol.

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good on you ben he is not the only one on drugs

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That wasn't a question. It was a statement of your opinion and your telling us to keep our comments to ourselves??

I will give you my opinion anyway seeing as you posted the subject to be commented on. I think that Ben Cousins has been very stupid. He is a professional footballer and he has had plenty of warnings. It is like he has tried to live the life of a movie star and unfortunately that just won't cut it in any professional sport. I do not want my sons idol to be more well known for his drug taking habits then his sporting acheivements!

Having said that Ben is fantastic to watch. I hope his rehab goes well, he cleans up his act and he is back on the field doing what he does best very soon.

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It's totally beyond me how these people can say Ben Cousins is a loser! Unless you have ever been hooked on Speed or Ice or whatever they wish to call it...I don't see how they can make comments such as they do!
He may have been rotten drunk and was offered the drug by a very close friend. And as they say, Just Once And Your Hooked!
He was foolish to take it once and it's come to this.
The hardest thing to do to is admit the problem, but once you have, it's then you seek help.
He will come back bigger and better than he's ever been. And I totally belive he will get through this and we will all love him again. He will be forgiven and he will succeed both on and off the field.
We know he made a mistake. Most people in their lifetime will make more than 1 mistake during their time on this earth. Ben's was a big one but he like others, will learn from this experience and strive into the future to be the role model he is and will be long into his latter years.
You Go Bennny Cousins! Your True & Loyal Friends And Supporters Are Behind You All The Way!

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is he facing it that is the question... while his parents were trying to smooth out the media he was out on a 3 day bender, to me that does not sound like handling it... more to the point what sort of example does this set to the kids who idolise him

part and parcel of the fame and money that comes with being a top flight athelete is the whole role model aspect, if you dont intend to uphold that aspect of the job dont take the job in the first place.

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One thing at least it will highlight the drug problem in Australia with our youth every-time they go to a nightclub at least 70% of kids in there will be on some kind of drug that is not alcohol.Ben Cousins being such a high profile sportsman can do a lot of good if he gets the help he needs and I am remembered of the saying "People in glass houses shouldn't through stones" it could be their child next.


as a west coast eagles fan myself i have a lot of respect for ben cousins but what he did was stupid. he had everything he ever wnated and he threw it away because he wanted to do drugs. i just hope he gets his life back on track and plays for the mighty eagles again.

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well, here goes my 2c worth. i think footy stars, get way too much money. where is the ideal that boys want to play footy because they love the game? when they started getting agents to handle their affairs they started asking way too much for them, im sure if you ask the players they would play the game no matter how much they get paid. get back to grass roots. play the game because u love it and im sure half the teams wouldnt be so badly off financially. if you dont wanna play because u arent getting enough money, go take a short run of a looong pier... ok im done. go the mighty eagles!

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From my (limited) knowledge of the WA drug scene this isn't a new problem but the size of it certainly is
- as a WAFL player he probably had a $100 a week habit now he gets paid that much he can have a $1000 a week habit... its pocket change for him...

Whether or not he wants to be a role model it is inevitable that if you are in the public spot light (particularly the way Cousins is in the media spot light in WA - overload anyone?) that you will be considered a role model and that kids, teenagers and footy supporters will always look up to you...

There needs to be greater counseling and understanding of these issues throughout the entire AFL community not just with the drugs issue but also when it comes to depression and other illnesses (because they both are illnesses) which affect football players...

I personally am not a fan of Ben Cousins (and have never been) - i think the way he plays football is arrogant and his personal life is not respectable... and this comes from seeing footballers out and about in Subi

On a lighter note an idea for a late night tv show "Footy players behaving badly" - Sam Newman could host it...

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